Points to Keep in Mind While Doing Garage Door Installation Brownsburg

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If you want to get your new garage door installed by individuals with a high degree of technical knowledge you can find and hire them from Brownsburg. The technicians here are all IDA certified and are well versed with the installation process. They also have all the materials and tools required to complete the installation. If your installation requirement is urgent, you can get same day service.

The materials and tools required

 The primary material required is wood jambs. The tools required are screwdrivers (flat-head and Phillips), drill and hammer. In addition, measuring tapes, sawhorses and 4’ level are also required. Measuring tapes are used for measuring the area of installation. Screwdrivers are used for loosening and tightening of screws and bolts. The 4’ level is used to check alignment of the track. Sawhorses are used to lay down the bottom piece of the door. Start the installation by carefully removing the old garage door. Then remove all the panels. Next, take the measurements of the door-opening width and height, the headroom and back room (garage length).

The installation details

Attach stops to both sides of the opening. Lay down the bottom piece now and attach weather strippings. Additionally, hinges and lift handles are attached to the piece. Now insert the bottom piece of the door into the frame, and use the level to set it properly. Once in place, tap the nails into each of the jambs. You should bend the nails to secure them in place. Use the instruction manual to assemble the horizontal, vertical and curved pieces of the track and set aside. Now the panels are installed one by one using the hammer and nails. Hinges are installed next, and this process is repeated for all the panels. Each piece is then anchored into the door jamb.

The final steps include installing rollers, securing tracks and attaching springs. Rollers are installed in the supports and placed on the tracks. With the vertical tracks secured against the jambs, curved and horizontal pieces are installed. You need to use the measurements to make sure tracks are straight. Now the springs are assembled according to the instruction manual. You need to make sure the tracks are correctly placed. Finally lift the door and attach the springs to the pulley system. Your garage door installation Brownsburg is complete. If you are in Brownsburg, you will get your new garage door installed promptly.

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