A Look At Various Types Of Crutches

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Author: John Wanney

People when encounter injuries below the waist require support for standing and carrying out their daily activities like walking, standing, etc. Some such injuries include pulled muscles, ankle injury, sprains, broken bones and strains. People who are affected by such injuries or disabilities that cause defect in their mobility use the support of crutches. Since the injuries are of different type’s doctors recommend specific types of support depending upon the extent of injury and the overall physical condition of the patient.

Some of the types are:


Forearm support is needed by the patients who have weakness in their both legs. These types of crutches have platforms at the base due to which the patient gets added safety and stability. Usually such forearm supports are recommended to young patients. According to Cuesta College, these are not regularly recommended for senior citizens who are overweight. While using these supports the patient has to slip each arm into the cuff that works as a grip on the crutch. These cuffs are made from plastic or metal and usually have an opening which allows the arm to come out if the person falls down.


This type of support is usually advised for patients who are unable to bear extra weight in wrists. Patients with arthritis or cerebral palsy mostly use platform support. Padding is provided to give comfort to the upper extremities. These are easy to use and are used for longer duration by the patients.


Underarm support is used for giving support when the patient is suffering from temporary disabilities or injuries such as the ankle injury. These are more commonly used by patients in United States. While using underarm support the pads are placed underneath the armpits and have to be held in stronger grip. These are comparatively a lot cheaper and do not require much practice or training for using. But proper fitting is of utmost importance to ensure tight handgrip.

Leg support

Leg support crutches are used when the lower portion of only one limb is affected by disabilities or injuries. This type of crutch does not require the use of hands or arm due to which the complications that are caused by other type of crutches are eliminated. The design of leg support makes it inappropriate for use in case of pelvis, hip or thigh injury.

These are the basic types of crutches recommended by the doctors in case of regular injuries. But in case the patient is suffering from special disabilities, customized crutch for support can be ordered.

The author is an expert writer on the uses and features of crutches. He gives recommendations to the patients suffering from ankle injury on the types that they must look while buying crutches. For more information please visit www.innovationsinmobility.com

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