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Author: Peter Carlyon

The author is an expert in the field of tree surgery. As per the author, tree surgeons Bristol are the best. Tree surgery Bristol assures great health of trees, believes the author. For more information, visit wildwoodtreecare.co.uk.

Have you been thinking of getting your diseased and weak trees fixed? Well, you need to hire a tree surgeon for the same who would know how to revive your trees to be healthy. There are many practices involved under tree work and here we will discuss the most importants.

Crown cleaning

If you want your tree to grow year after year and would like it be fit as a fiddle, you need to get its crown cleaned. It is one of the most important parts of the tree which helps in its growth by providing it air, sunlight and water. Tree work for this section constitutes of removing dead branches, leaves, removal of dust and lint from the crown and fixing of crossing branches.

Some of the surgeons also suggest trimming the crown which enhances its growth. Either way, we want our trees to be fit and cleaning of crown is the best tree work that we can get.

Tree Pruning

You need to hire a professional tree surgeon for this kind of tree work. The surgeon must have studied arboriculture which will help him understand the intricacies of tree pruning. Removal of branches and leaves without care can also lead to the death of the tree hence one should be careful before performing this tree work.

Tree Thinning

Thinning of a tree is vital to keep it alive and kicking. Only a trained and educated surgeon can quantify the intensity of tree thinning which will aid growth and mar diseases. The age of the tree, the quality of soil and exposure of tree to the sunlight are some of the factors which decide the need of this tree work. Branches and leaves are to be removed under this method as well and if done the right way, you will find your tree growing incessantly within weeks.


There are many vendors offering this tree work in Chew Magna. It is like supporting a weak link with an external shard of wood or metal. This helps the tree grow straight without any inclinations.

Tree removal

Felling of a tree becomes imminent if it starts to incline dangerously or if it comes in the path of a new construction. Trees weakened by hurricanes and storms need to be fixed too and you can avail this tree work in Chew Magna easily. So choose to go with the above mentioned methods of tree work and keep your backyard full or greenery.

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