Is There Any Natural Acne Treatment To Prevent Its Reoccurrence?

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There are few very effective and safe natural acne treatments to prevent its reoccurrence which are suitable even for sensitive skin and also provide nourishment to skin and improve its appearance. Treating acne with external treatment can only calm an outbreak it does not prevent its reoccurrence. In people who are prone to suffer with acne reoccurrences of the problem are major concern and prevention of reoccurrences can only provide a complete solution to the problem. Usually lack of treatment to cure root causes of the problem allows recurring acne outbreak. Treatments which can maintain skin nourishment, keep pores of the skin clear and keep digestive and circulatory system healthy are safe natural acne treatments to prevent its reoccurrences.

Tea tree oil has gained popularity recently as one of the very effective treatment to cure acne and its regular use works as very safe herbal treatment to prevent its reoccurrences too. Tea tree oil has very strong antibacterial properties and its topical application kills bacteria which is biggest cause of acne breakout. Tea tree oil is used as main ingredients in most of popular creams and gels for curing pimples. Mix 5 ml of tea tree oil with 95 ml of water to prepare a 100 ml solution for use, apply this mixture every night before retiring with clean cotton ball on entire skin which gets mostly affected with acne. To increase effects of the oil one can clean the face with witch hazel prior to application of tea tree oil. Consume two to three holy basil leaves, small piece of ginger and couple of bananas with meals to keep digestion and excretion healthy.

Clean digestive system and colon prevents oil buildup beneath the skin. With healthy digestion and excretion of waste matter from the body, cleaning skin with witch hazel to keep pores clear and application of anti-bacterial and skin soothing tea tree oil provides very effective and safe natural acne treatment to prevent its reoccurrences.

It is not necessary that people having oily skin only suffer with recurring acne outbreaks even people having dry skin can have this problem. For those who have dry skin orange peels provide one of the easiest and safe herbal treatments to prevent its reoccurrences. Take peel of two three oranges and dry them in shade, later grind them to form powder, if skin is dry use milk to form a paste else water can be used. Wear this paste as mask at least twice a week and for half an hour. Wash off with lukewarm water later. This soothes the skin, removes bacteria and clears the pores to work as safe natural acne treatment to prevent its reoccurrence.

Drink plenty of water during the day and wash face with a mild herbal soap two three times and every time after coming from outside to prevent dust particles and dead skin from clogging the pores. Abstain from oily, junk, greasy and fatty foods also avoid spices and consume fruits and green vegetables in larger quantity. Use of ginger, garlic, turmeric and fruits like papaya, banana and guava are very good for keeping internal system healthy to provide safe natural acne treatment to prevent its reoccurrences.

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