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Author: Adelyn P.

Credit cards have brought a lot of convenience in our everyday lives, but one thing that it can’t seem to replace is change. Everything today is a lot faster, and most bills can be paid with plastic. Parking meters, however, are another thing. Introduced in the 1930’s, little has changed since the last prototype. Everybody knows what a hassle it is to load your quarters into the parking meter the moment your time runs out. In a modern world where everything is fast and digital, can’t someone think of a better idea to make parking meters more convenient?

The good news is that someone has, and it’s called Intellipark. It enables any driver with a credit card to pay with their plastic. Of course, it doesn’t exactly alienate those of us who still want to use coins and change to pay. You can still pay for your parking the old way. This brand new parking meter just has a few minor adjustments to make life easier for the city driver. Perhaps the most important and convenient aspect of the invention is that it automatically charges you on your credit card no matter how long you park in the space. You don’t have to worry about meter feeding at all. Also, you don’t waste money trying to estimate how long you’re going to be parked in that space. No more second-guessing.

Because of this efficient tool, some cities even allow you to park your car all day without having to keep feeding coins into the meter. In some places, they’re even considering making a debit card especially for parking meters, to make life a lot easier. This way, you can separate your cards and organize them accordingly. Just think of how much time you spend every day looking for change just so you can park your car.

Don’t be mistaken, the rules of the road still apply. The only benefit of using Intellipark is that you have all the records of your transactions. If you still get an unreasonable parking ticket for any reason at all, you can easily get proof so that you can revoke the ticket. This saves a lot of hassle.

Intellipark is the parking meter of the future. Because everybody nowadays has credit cards, it just makes sense to make everything else as convenient and fast. Now, your dreams of saying goodbye to those pesky coins can be a reality. Who wants to be feeding a meter when you can be doing other, more important things?

Adelyn P. is a writer who covers personal finance topics such as the best credit card offers, and how to compare credit cards.

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