Increasing Number Of Hypnosis Clinical Trials

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Author: Roseanna Leaton

DHP, MIAPH, BSc (hons)(Psych) LLB

Doubters in the reality or efficacy of hypnosis should take heed of the increasing number of clinical trials involving hypnosis that are being carried out. The sheer fact that such research has somehow found a way in which to be funded speaks volumes in itself.

Medical research into hypnosis is never going to be funded by drug companies or similar types of major investors. Thus funding must come from other areas and is not so easy to come by.

A quick look at the US National Institutes of Health Clinical Trials webpage reveals details of 66 trials involving hypnosis. This is great news for those who are interested in holistic treatments as well as mainstream medicine.

There is inevitably a right time and place for different types of medical treatment. But for a treatment to be fully accepted and widely available it first has to prove itself through the process of unbiased research.

One great thing about hypnosis that makes it stand out is that it has no negative side effects and therefore the only risk to a person who employs it is confined to time and money. Medical scientists should therefore not find it difficult to locate sufficient numbers of willing volunteers for their clinical research studies.

An individual who does not want to spare sufficient time to volunteer as a research subject does also have the opportunity to conduct his or her own research. There are many hypnosis mp3 downloads readily available via the Internet. I would suggest that the use of these is approached with an open mind.

Hypnosis is no different from other medical treatments in that the more open minded and positive you are the better the outcome is likely to be. This does not mean that hypnosis is just a placebo. It is not. But the placebo affects the use of hypnosis as a medical treatment or adjunct in the same way as other treatments including that of drugs.

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