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Needless indeed to say, an office phone service is a crucially important part of your business requirements. The chief purpose of your office phone service is to make you stay connected with your customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

Without a proper office phone service, you will not be able to communicate with the outside world... Your customers will also not be able to communicate with your office if they have some important queries about your company's products and services. This lack of communication facility will cripple your business - more so, in today’s competition scenario.

The right office phone system is one of the basic services that you should maintain and subscribe to because, as stated earlier, it can simply make or break your business. With the introduction of cloud systems, hosted PBXs, VoIP and voicemails, there are available in the market advanced office phone systems that will improve your employee efficiency, enlarge customer base and reduce expenditures on phone services.

Most midsize companies and large corporations choose PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems. This is a private telephone network that connects different departments of a business house via phone and internet. Useful features with PBXs are auto-attendant, call forwarding, conferencing, voicemail, numerous extensions, toll-free numbers and music on hold.

The PBX system connects your business phones to a publicly recognized phone network. The emergence of advanced technologies like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Virtual/Hosted PBX have imparted further sophistication to office phone systems. In fact, you will have to decide in favor of using advanced technology so as to keep up with your business rivals.

You will need an office phone system that will offer a 24X7 uninterrupted service to you without impeding your overall business productivity. The web is presently bombarded with phone service providers that provide you a variety of selections, from conventional to IP to hybrid systems. With an IP system, most of the hardware for your telephone system is taken care of by the phone service provider. Almost everything is virtually linked by means of the "cloud" or the net.

With the introduction of IP PBX, cloud system, it has become easier for businesses to enhance office competence and lessen the expenses on the phone service which was previously quite exorbitant.

In the event you make frequent long distance calls, you should definitely get VoIP for that would be terribly economical. In case you deliver out a substantial amount of faxes, you may prefer IP PBX service because they make sending fax messages cheaper and simpler. Other factors that you must look into are voicemail to e-mail, net conferencing, and vanity toll-free numbers.

When deciding on the best office phone system, prefer a phone system that comes with flexible headphone and microphone jacks that can be connected to multiple devices. The model you select should be wall- mountable as well as desk top. Phone model and chord length are prime things for you to consider. If it meets your requirements, you can select the cordless phones as well.

Obtain quotes from five front line companies that offer phone systems with all these features. Compare the different quotes, installation costs, maintenance charges, discounts, customization options and post-sale customer services.

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