How to do chin ups for biceps mass

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Author: Shaun Swilling

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Although chin-ups primarily work your back muscles of which there are four groups they also work your biceps directly. Obviously it does not to be said here that as you get stronger doing chins your back muscles as well as your biceps will grow simultaneously. But there is more that you can do in order to add stress specifically to your biceps.

The first thing that needs to be done is to make sure that you are doing chin-ups correctly and that means full extension and not some half chin that does not use full range. In order to do a chin-up correctly you need to extend your arm and be hanging free before you start the concentric move to get your chin over the bar.

When you have trained this movement correctly and have increased the amount of reps to 15 or 20 reps without stopping, you can start adding weight. There are many different ways that you can add weight and they can change from hanging a dumbbell between your legs to using ankle weights hanging around your neck.

But there are many variations of chins that can be done in order to target specific muscle groups. For example using a wide grip on the chinning bar will put the accent more on your lats than you rhomboids and so on. But there are some grips that will put the accent on your biceps without a doubt.

If you are doing chin-ups with an underhand grip there is no doubt that you will feel more stress on your biceps. This is a good way to add strength to your biceps but you should be weary of getting size added to your arm just by doing biceps and getting stronger. Biceps constitute on 20% of the size of your arm.

If you want big guns hanging next to your shoulders you need to increase the size of your triceps which are 80% of the size of your arm This means that you need to increase the strength of the triceps and that is the subject of a different article here we are talking about getting bigger biceps by doing chins.

If you combine adding weights when you are doing chins when you have reached 15 reps full extension chin-ups then you will increase the size/strength of your biceps. But you can and should try changing the grip to an underhand grip which you will have to do with a lighter weight around you when you start.

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