How Weight Loss Surgery is An Ideal Solution?

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Author: Jeff Hewson

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When it comes to losing or controlling weight, physical exercise and healthy eating are common recommendations. However, these initiatives cannot always help those with chronic weight control problems. Weight loss surgery assists some individuals in maintaining a healthier body weight. The main objective of this surgical procedure is to alter the digestion process and limit the amount of food that can be digested at once.

Weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery, should be carefully considered so that individuals are familiar with any risks associated with the procedure. Researching the pros and cons of any weight loss surgery is paramount. The most common options for obesity loss surgery are Lap Band surgery and gastric bypass surgery. Most insurance companies in Canada currently cover these two procedures.

Weight loss surgery is recommended for females who are more than eighty pounds overweight and for males who are more than one hundred pounds overweight. Those considering obesity loss surgery should consult a qualified bariatric surgeon. Experienced surgeons can offer perspective on the success rates, effectiveness and potential complications associated with obesity loss surgery.

The information below outlines Lap Band and gastric bypass procedures:

Lap Band Surgery - an adjustable gastric band limits the size of the stomach. The band is placed around the upper region of the stomach, creating a smaller pouch with a narrow opening into a larger pouch. This division reduces the amount of food that can pass into the lower intestine and stomach. The tightness of the band can be adjusted to change the width of the passage between the two stomach pouches.

The procedure is carried out by laparoscopy. Complications associated with this surgery include frequent vomiting, band slippage, nutrient deficiencies and internal infections.

Gastric bypass surgery – involves extensive gastric bypass or the RGB bypass (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) wherein a small stomach is created and a section of the intestine is bypassed. This procedure limits the amount of food that can be digested at one time. In most instances, these procedures are carried out using minimum invasive laparoscopy techniques.

Some of the complications associated with gastric bypass surgery include pouch-stretching, leakage at staple site in RGB, leaking of stomach contents, bowel obstruction, infection, nutrient deficiencies and in some cases, death.

After weight loss surgery following the recommendations of a doctor and implementing certain lifestyle changes will help individuals achieve and maintain desired weight loss goals. If any health problems arise following the surgery, a doctor should be contacted immediately.

The author of this article is a surgeon who is specializing in Obesity Surgery. He provides lap band operation and consult on lap band risks.

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