Green Tea: Lose Weight with Natural Herbs

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Author: Weightloss Nic

After 10 years working in a fitness club, I became passionate about sharing my experience.

Scientists agree that achieving weight loss while drinking green tea is a reality. In today's word, it is really hard to differentiate true from false information. In fact the internet make it too easy to spread rumors and incorrect facts.

Nevertheless, reading some tips will point you in the right direction when using green tea in your diet program.

Green Tea's advantages

First of all, it is important to understand that this revolutionary weight loss product, as termed by many, is actually tea in its purest and most unprocessed form. Green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis herb. In order to preserve its natural ingredients, the process of making tea basically consist to steam the leaves.

The reason why the tea leaves are steamed is to preserve the antioxidant EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). This is the main ingredient why green tea has so many good properties.

On a side note, only because some teas are also infused in hot water, tea companies are marketing them also as green tea. Nevertheless, the health benefits of green tea's plant won't be the same as a random herb you just call green tea. Herbal teas have only low health benefits compared to green. The only real green teas are the one coming from the Plant Camellia Sinensis. The benefits of green tea are better kidney functions, better cardio health and of course weight loss.

Green tea program to lose weight

Some of the known, accepted and widely seen effects of green tea consumption include fast metabolism and ability to shed weight. Theses benefits are due to the antioxidants present in green tea. The blood stream is purified by these antioxidants, therefore there is an increase in the diffusion and transportation of food to body cells. By transporting the nutrients faster to the body cells, you increase your metabolism at the same time you reduce the fat your body store.

Secret to success

The weight loss results are limited when drinking green tea, such as other magical products and supplements. Nonetheless, when adding it to a proper diet with exercise, the weight loss results will increase exponentially. Healthy eating is now emerging as art and it's no longer just a lifelong commitment. To reach equilibrium you need good management as well as good knowledge. When mixing together all this ingredients (drinking tea, fitness and diet), you'll soon reach incredible results as long as the motivation stays.

In conclusion

It is no doubt that Green tea weight loss programs do work but attributing whole success to just one element of the whole program is neither logical nor realistic. You have to consider every elements in a plan to reach success. Taking it into consideration will avoid seeing only the short term effect in only drinking green tea.

If you want to lose weight, you can click here and read my blog about weight loss tea. You'll also find useful tips on protein diet plan and weight loss meal plans. Keep your spirit up and stay motivated

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