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Author: Jeson Clarke

This is a material which is used very much in the making of the roofs and their shingles. This is because of the various features that it provides. The first advantage is that it provides is that of economy. These Grand Rapids asphalt shingles are inexpensive and thus, can be used by most of the people who want it. This is also with respect to the other shingles available in the market. This economy also extends to the installation charges. When a professional takes up the task of installing a slate roof, he charges an exorbitantly high price and this is something which should be kept within the budget. However, the asphalt is something which will cost less. On the other hand, if the person is not scared of heights, he can do the installation by himself. This is a quite simple method which can be learnt over the internet. But this should be done with all the safety equipment which is needed.

Are these shingles resistant to fire?

This is one of the most important features which any roof will demand and this roof material will provide it. Asphalt is resistant to fire and thus, is a material which is very much in demand. With this feature in hand, the insurance rates of the house will also be reduced. The fire insurance of the roof is not counted as they cannot catch a fire. On the other hand, they are also light weight and thus, do not apply a lot of pressure on the walls of the house. With the other materials like slate and wooden shingles, they are naturally heavy and thus, should be used only if the building is very strong. They are very is use only with the stone buildings most of the times. The roofer will look into all these aspects before suggesting the best material for the house. As a drawback, the wooden roofs are flammable.

Are they eco friendly in nature?

With all the pollution and environmental degradation happening all around t he world, this is a small step that all can take to save the earth. Using eco friendly products is one sure thing and this is a material which suits the demand. The Grand Rapids asphalt shingles are very much eco friendly and thus, can be recycled even after they are removed.

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This article is written by Jeson Clarke. He has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by him and clear your doubts on Grand Rapids pavement repair please visit here

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