Grand Canyon National Park Helicopter Coupons Make a Great Experience Better Yet

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Author: Luke Plunket

I'm a travel writer who specializes in finding Grand Canyon tour deals. My expertise is finding and promoting helicopter, bus, airplane and rafting specials. Click any link in my profile to get the latest information on the best canyon offers from Las Vegas and the South Rim (Grand Canyon Airport).

Does your upcoming vacation involve a visit to Las Vegas? If so, you should think of taking a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. Numerous canyon helicopter flights leave from Las Vegas, and tour deals will almost always be being offered. No experience beats seeing the Grand Canyon, but the views as your tour helicopter soars above the chasm are unsurpassed.

Prior to starting looking for tour deals, you need to decide if you want to see the canyon’s South Rim, West Rim or both. Some companies only offer South Rim tours and some only fly to the West Rim. Others fly to both. You’ll need 2 days to see both rims, since the tours take a full day each.

While you’re deciding which rim you prefer, take into account that there aren’t any direct chopper flights from Las Vegas to the South Rim. Instead, Las Vegas South Rim helicopter excursions begin with an airplane or bus ride. The airplane is better because it only takes about forty five minutes, which is much quicker than a bus.

You’ll spend less by finding one of the good Grand Canyon chopper discounts, and that will let improve your tour and enhance your canyon experience. Standard tours are air-only, but one popular upgrade lands at Grand Canyon West. After you get off the chopper, you’ll see breathtaking lookouts and intriguing sights like the Indian Cultural Center and Hualapai Ranch as well as the rim.

You may want to consider a tour that lands on the canyon floor and then takes you on a boat ride down the legendary Colorado River. Or, why not a tour that includes a ground trip to Hoover Dam, the engineering marvel that tamed the Colorado and produced Lake Mead? A tour that has tickets to the exhilarating Grand Canyon Skywalk is an additional popular option.

Among the best reasons for taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tours is the audio narration. As you’re flying over various attractions, you’ll hear insightful scientific and historical details about the landscape passing below. Don’t worry if you’re not a native English-speaker, because the narration is available in ten languages. The narration improves your experience because it will give you a much better understanding and appreciation of the landmarks you’re passing.

The chopper that’s used is a valuable part of any Grand Canyon tour deal. Try to find an aircraft that's got excellent climate control, comfortable seating and a wraparound windshield. All these features are essential and will really make a difference in your enjoyment.

Search online for Grand Canyon helicopter bargains, and read any customer feedback that’s readily available. Make sure there aren’t any hidden fees. Most likely, you’ll pay for the price you see posted, but it’s important to know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money. Don’t be put off by the cost - most Grand Canyon tour deals are priced fairly.

It’s easy to find great deals, especially if you focus on the large number of businesses working out of the Vegas area. Check around and ask what these companies include in their air tours before making a choice. When you book your tour, you can look forward to the experience of a lifetime!

There exists a Grand Canyon air trip for everyone and this website is great for cheap helicopter flights.

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