Forced reps - what is forced reps training and are forced reps good or bad

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In my opinion forced reps are great and although very similar to drop sets you can actually go a little farther with forced reps that you can with dropsets. What you need in order to do forced reps effectively is a spotter who knows what they are doing.

Preferably to work with a spotter who knows your strength and not someone who you have never trained with before. The reason is simply because the spotter is going to help you complete the reps by helping you lift the weight. But the spotter needs to make sure that you are doing most of the lifting.

This is why it is important to have a spotter who knows how strong you are. Because you can do a set of thirty reps if the spotter knows what he/she is doing and encourages you to go way past the point of failure. All the spotter is doing is to make sure that the rep is completed by helping you lift.

Forced reps can get to the point that you are doing negatives which mean that you are no longer doing forced reps and you need to select a lighter weight. If your spotter is lifting the weight throughout the concentric movement then you need to lighten the weight a lot.

So be careful as there is a very big difference between forced reps and negatives as they are done for different reasons. Forced reps are usually done to go beyond the pain barrier as well as to do many and oftentimes countless reps as the accent is on the movement and not the reps counted.

It is very important to note here that forced reps should only be done once a month or once every six weeks. Doing them more often will only result in over-training and will not build muscle which is why you are doing them in the first place.

It goes without saying here that doing forced reps is something that should be done within a complete workout and you should do your forced reps at the end of your routine. This is important as you are doing high intensity training and it should be given the correct place in your workout.

Starting your workout with forced reps will only waste your time as you will not be able to continue to train effectively if you have done forced reps correctly. In fact if you have done forced reps correctly you should be shaking like a leaf and be completely exhausted.

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