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  • Top 5 Reasons to Trade Binary Options by Michael Markarian

    One of the most appealing aspects of this type of options trading is the defined risk. At the beginning of the trade, the risk, along with the strike price and payout, is fully revealed.

  • The Danger of Scalping In Forex by Michael Markarian

    Primary among these is the nature of scalping itself, which encourages the gambler’s mindset of “all or nothing.”

  • Too Many Indicators in Forex Analysis by Michael Markarian

    New traders often begin their journey lurking on Forex forums and utilizing free charting programs such as MetaTrader. While MetaTrader is a solid platform, the sheer number of free indicators available for it can overwhelm.

  • Why Forex Trading Signals are so Important to all Traders? by Jeff Watson

    If you are thinking of getting into the Forex market because you have heard that this is the market where you can make huge amounts of money in a very short period of time, then you are right. However, if that is your motivation for jumping into the Forex market, you are in for some hard lessons. Yes, the Forex market can be very profitable, but don't fool yourself, there is nothing easy about it.

  • Learn How to Trade Forex Market by Jeff Watson

    There are many people who make money trading in the stock market, however, there are also a lot of people who make money trading in the Forex market. What is the forex market? It's essentially just like the stock market, however, people trade currencies instead of stocks and funds. A lot of people make a living on it and basically anyone can as long as they know what they're doing. For help with that, this article will go over how to trade forex market for those who are interested.

  • Is How Much Forex Traders Make the Right Question to Ask? by Jeff Watson

    One of the hottest and most popular forms of trading that you will find these days is forex trading or currency trading. Because of the relatively short amount of time a forex trade lasts, many people consider it a very quick way to make money. However, the real question people want to know, especially those that are considering a career as a currency trader is just how much forex traders make.

  • Forex Trading for a Living Can Be Done by Jeff Watson

    Forex trading isn't for the "dabbler." It is for the person who knows there is a mountain of money to be earned if you can figure it all out. So, you spend your time learning, trading and getting to that point!

  • What Forex Trading is All About and Why it is so Popular? by Jeff Watson

    If you have any sort of knowledge about trading, you have probably heard about Forex. This, while seemingly a new market, is actually an older market. It has been around since the 1970's and actually this markets existence is owed to the actions of then President Richard Nixon, who took the U.S. dollar off the gold standard. Now that the dollar was backed by faith in the government rather than gold, it could be traded. But the real question is what forex trading is all about.

  • The Best Forex Trading Hours to be Successful by Jeff Watson

    When it comes to trading the markets, whether it is the stock or the currency markets, there is a lot of information floating around. However, there are a few common tips a person can acquire to help facilitate them being successful in currency trading. One issue is knowing the best forex trading hours.

  • Forex Trading Strategies Revealed in Simplicity by Jeff Watson

    If you are considering getting into the currency trading or forex markets, it is important to understand your level of knowledge of the market before you make any decisions involving real numbers. If you know and understand the market you can get into things like pivot points, double top/bottoms, head and shoulders, trend line breaks and other major market swings that affect the profitability of trades. However, if you are new to the market and you are just learning the lay of the land..

  • Why Trade Forex Instead of Stock: Is it a Better Choice? by Jeff Watson

    If you know anything about the various trading markets you will probably know that trading currency in the Forex market is one of the hottest and most popular forms of trading that there is today. The real question many people who are standing on the outside looking in are saying is why. The question why trade forex instead of stocks is a fair question and it has some very specific answers.

  • A Few Common Forex Trading Mistakes to Avoid by Jeff Watson

    When people think about striking it rich, they think about trading on the open market. After all, there are plenty of movies that depict rags to riches stories of people who went to a trading market with nothing and drove away with a fat bank account. This is one reason why so many people are flocking to the the currency trading market or the Forex market.

  • Are You Considering a Forex Currency Trading System? by Bill Hernandez

    Some call it a robot, some call it a system. But what is for certain is that the Forex currency trading system is booming business and traders everywhere are looking for the one that will allow them to sit back ..

  • Forex Trading Education Options That Are Right For You by Bill Hernandez

    You've probably heard about the Forex market and how it's changing lives of everyday people around the world. But what do you really know about it? Well, Forex is short for the Foreign Exchange Market. This market is international...

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