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Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems have today become a lot more advanced incorporating several sophisticated features and the price is also becoming increasingly affordable.

If you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to complete all of the work you have to do, you're not alone. One of the major problems the most business enterprises have is managing their communication requirements.

Cloud hosted PBX has the inherent strength and features to provide all phone communications solutions to small as well as medium sized business. The user need not buy any hardware or bear the installation costs and also not bother about after-sales maintenance of the equipment.

In the past, companies used to have to buy or lease lots of expensive on-site equipment to fulfill business communication needs. With the advent of Cloud PBX, buying and installing a standard PBX within one's business premises is now a thing of the past. The concept of Cloud hosted PBX is the order of the day and the popularity of Cloud PBX is indeed soaring.

The salient features of a cloud hosted PBX includes:

  • You will have only VoIP telephones in your office to operate and no bulky uncouth PBX hardware.
  • No major hardware to buy, no installation to undertake, no need to maintain an in-house PBX system.
  • There is provision for an auto attendant that will direct all incoming phone calls.
  • No need to hire in-house support technicians to operate and maintain the PBX.
  • The service provider will have professional technicians to serve you 24X7 and to manage and maintain your cloud hosted PBX.
  • You can program for hunting for workgroups and also add additional virtual phone numbers/ toll free phone numbers.
  • All the features hitherto enjoyed only by large corporations are now well within the means of small and mid-size businesses.
  • Your business will meaningfully save money on the monthly phone charges.
  • As the hosted PBX phone systems are served on Cloud servers, they are very fast, efficient and reliable.
  • You can avoid spending money on installation costs, training costs, and the many other costs that are inescapable for a traditional PBX phone system.
  • Because Cloud PBX relies on the Internet, you can use dozens of features like instant call recording, click-to-call, call flip etc.

Cloud PBX offers all the phone system features that you would expect in a business phone system and lot more. Some of the many useful features of a Cloud PBX are - Auto Attendant, Call Conferencing, Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding Follow Me, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Caller ID, Password Protected Voicemail, Fax Mail, Voice to Email, Custom Message Alerts, Do Not Disturb, Custom Music-on-Hold, Call Screening, Dial by Name Directory, Call Logs etc.

Because Cloud PBX relies on the Internet, you can use dozens of features like instant call recording, click-to-call, call flip etc.

Cloud PBX means that your call comes through to the data center of the service provider where they use safe and secure technology to handle the calls. If you want to improve your business phone system, obtain enhanced employee productivity and build effective customer rapport and save costs -there's no better way than opting for a Cloud PBX and selecting a reputed and reliable service provider.

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