Evaporative Cooler or an Air Conditioner

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If you really want to protect that heat in the summer at your home or office, it is important that you use any cooling device in order to reduce the temperature and allow to work without being drained by the oppressive heat. A cooling device, especially evaporative water cooler will provide you with fresh cool breeze to relax you in hot days. It can also help avoid some health problems such as dry skin, headache, dehydration and many other diseases caused by the severe temperature. It is also a great device for removing dust, odor and flying insects from the house or office. It is due to perhaps these benefits that the usage of swamp coolers has become so common for commercial and residential applications.

When you decide to implement a new evaporative cooler, you will find multiple options. You will find a wide range of coolers and air conditioners on the market in the varied shapes, sizes, colors and prices. It all depends on your need and budget, when it comes to choosing any of them. If you require cooling equipment for household purpose, then small coolers can be the cost-effective way to cool your area. On the other hand, if you need them for office or industrial purpose, then large cooler can serve your need. Here in this article, we will tell you some differences between an evaporative cooler and air conditioner.

Evaporative Cooler

Also known as a swamp cooler or a desert cooler, this is a cooling device working via the evaporation of water to provide users with the cool air. This will change the liquid into water vapour and release it into the air. The main benefit of using this appliance is that it consumes less energy compared to refrigeration. It is highly suitable for very hot and dry rooms. This offers the added benefit of increasing the amount of moisture in the air. This not only help breathing and preventing skin problems, but also improves comfort. However, the device requires a water source in order to perform at its best.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning may use multiple methods like vapour-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. But the letter method is more common and this works by sucking the air, then moving it around a cool area before dispelling it again. This process helps then to cool the air without increasing moisture. It is very useful to clean the air of various unwanted particles and bacteria and thus helps to prevent the spread of health problems. However, compared to swamp cooler, it consumes more electricity. In addition, if your place is very dry, it can increase the dryness in the air and cause problems. To know more about air conditioners and cooler, you can visit internet and extract all the details.

Alina Cruz has published many articles on evaporative coolers, air conditioners and many other portable cooling devices in order to make you aware of the benefits and disadvantages of such products.

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