Endoscopic-Discectomy Treatment: Latest Treatment for Spine

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Author: Sameday Spineinstitute

With increasing cases of back and spine related problems, medical experts have found several ways, techniques and treatments to treat them. But, there are many patients who fail to reply to all such actions. It is here that the Endoscopic-Discectomy Treatment come with the role. All those patients who are disappointed with their previous treatments and are still suffering with the similar symptoms should now opt for comprehensive endoscopic-discectomy treatment. It is a latest treatment that is performed with the help of new techniques and equipments to treat the nerve compression that occurs in the back due to a herniated disc.

There are many patients who are suffering with serious discomfort related to the spine and back, for all such patients, experts have several new treatments and endoscopic discectomy is one in the list. It is true that this treatment uses the entire technology to its advantage, but unfortunately, it is not the answer to all the conditions that cause back pain, say experts.

In easier language, we can say that it basically depends upon the interaction of malady with the surrounding structures and the type of ailment that is bothering the patient’s health, which further determines if he is the candidate for this advance procedure or no.

During the Endoscopic Laser Spine Treatment, the medical experts remove the herniated material and try to gain back the earlier access to the damaged disc. Moreover, they also cauterize the disc so that no further leakage of disc material occurs in the body. Where the traditional discectomy required the surgeons to make a large size incision (5-6 inch) to gain access to the damaged disc, the new endoscopic discectomy is performed with latest technology and the incision that is now made by the surgeons is about the size of a postage stamp. It is through this opening that the surgeon insert a working tube in the patient’s body to easily insert and manipulate the special tools and perform the required operation. This surgery is performed with an endoscope, a small video camera which displays the live video on a screen through which the surgeon is able to locate the damaged disc and treat it.

If you are among those people who do not want to stay any more with the serious discomfort, you should consult your medical professional for this treatment. SameDay Spine Institute is a medical center that can serve you with excellent treatments for a wide range of spinal disorders and related conditions.

The author of this page is a freelance writer. Her recent pages have thoroughly discussed about the advantages of Endoscopic-Discectomy Treatment and the conditions that it can treat. Endoscopic Laser Spine Treatment is the latest treatment that to treat herniated discs, she says. For more information please visit http://www.samedayspineinstitute.com

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