Driver Fatigue and Faulty Brakes Blamed for Truck Accident

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Author: Molly Larzelere

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A truck accident involving an Amtrak train was caused by driver fatigue and faulty brakes, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). An attorney for the trucking company involved declined to comment on the findings from the NTSB, according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun, though the company has been named in a lawsuit being brought by survivors of the victims of the accident. Anytime someone is seriously injured in a truck accident, an attorney should be consulted at once so that the truck accident attorney can begin to investigate the details of the accident and build a case that can get the victim any compensation may be due.

The truck accident that left six people dead and more than a dozen injured after the truck’s failed attempts to stop in a skid that lasted more than 300 feet, resulted in an NTSB investigation that concluded that the accident could have been prevented had the driver seen the flashing lights and lowering gates in time and if the truck had been properly maintained by the trucking company. The driver of the truck was killed in the accident, as were four train passengers and the conductor. The investigation discovered that nine of the truck’s 16 brakes were faulty and that the anti-lock brake system and warning lights had been purposefully disconnected. In addition, the NTSB uncovered multiple past violations and terminations on the part of the driver.

The report in the Las Vegas Sun regarding the findings of the NTSB sheds a stark light on the risks of a truck accident occurring. Though Las Vegas residents would do well to steer clear of any semi truck on the highway, that is not always possible, nor does it always ensure that a truck accident will not still occur. If you have suffered a serious injury in a truck accident, it is important to have a knowledgeable and effective attorney at your side who can conduct an investigation to determine whether or not driver error or insufficient truck maintenance were responsible for your accident. Once your truck accident attorney ascertains who bears responsibility for your injuries, your accident attorney can work to build a case that will hold such parties financially accountable.

Because a truck accident can result in such serious and catastrophic injuries, it is essential to consult with a truck accident attorney in Las Vegas as quickly as possible after such an accident occurs. Your truck accident attorney will want the opportunity to investigate the accident scene and any vehicles involved while evidence is still present and unaltered. Contact an accident attorney to begin building a case today.

If you have suffered injuries in a Las Vegas truck accident, Lawlor Winston White & Murphey can help you can get the compensation you need. Your truck accident attorney in Las Vegas will vigorously pursue all of the benefits to which you are entitled. Visit our website today at or call our offices at 702.659.9500 or toll-free 877.267.6022 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. If you’re concerned that you can’t afford the services of a truck accident attorney in Las Vegas, rest assured that we work on a contingency basis—you don’t pay us until you receive compensation from any insurance companies involved.

A truck accident involving an Amtrak train was caused by driver fatigue and faulty brakes, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

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