Distracted Walking Not a Factor in Injury Case

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Author: Molly Larzelere

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A few years ago, a young woman was awarded $90,000 due to an accident that occurred when she was walking to her college classes while reading a book and was struck by a truck in the crosswalk she was traversing. The driver initially tried to claim that the woman was at fault because she was not watching where she was going, but rather had her nose in a book. However, because she was in a crosswalk that had electronic signage signaling that she had the right-of-way, it did not matter that she was a distracted walker (reading while walking).

She had the right of way, and the driver of the truck who struck her was held responsible for his negligence. The insurance company had initially rejected her claim because she had been reading a book. After she explained that she was in the walkway and had the right of way, and had looked up from her book to see the flashing “Walk” light, the adjuster offered her a settlement of $2,500 to help cover medical expenses (which exceeded that by about $5,000). Her response was to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Pedestrian accidents happen every day in the United States, and can be extremely dangerous and lead to fatalities. In North Carolina, Raleigh personal injury lawyers provide legal services to pedestrians – including people who are walking, sitting in a stroller, riding a bicycle or crossing a street – who have been injured due to the carelessness of drivers.

Most have found that it’s important when involved in a pedestrian accident to consult with Raleigh personal injury lawyers as soon as possible after sustaining injuries. Insurance companies often seem eager to provide settlements, such as the $2,500 offered to the woman in the crosswalk. Victims have discovered that it is critical to allow Raleigh personal injury lawyers to talk with insurance adjusters and not to engage them in conversation on their own. In some cases, they imply agreements they did not intend.

Raleigh personal injury lawyers have years of experience pursuing litigation in pedestrian accidents, and victims of accidents who have used their services fare better than those who have trusted the insurance companies to fairly compensate them for medical expenses, lost time from work, and suffering.

Though it’s important to keep one’s eyes open and be aware while walking or crossing the street, if another person is at fault, then compensation is merited.

With seven offices across North Carolina, Carl Nagle is a former claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer who has experience, focus, and demonstrated success in providing dedicated client service in accident litigation. Contact Carl Nagle, one of the most highly skilled among Raleigh personal injury lawyers at Nagle & Associates by calling (919) 433-0035 or toll free 800.411.1583 or visit http://www.naglefirm.com/Raleigh/ for a FREE initial consultation.

A few years ago, a young woman was awarded $90,000 due to an accident that occurred when she was walking to her college classes while reading a book and was struck by a truck in the crosswalk she was traversing.

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