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Author: Bill Hernandez

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There are diets for a multitude of reasons from diabetic diets to kidney stone diets. But, by far, the most common diets are those diets to lose weight that garner the most attention. With obesity rates rising year after year, there's always some new diet to try. However, if you want to lose that weight once and for all, ending the cycle of yo-yo dieting once and for all, then it's time to make a lifestyle change.

The words lifestyle change often bring up images of a lifetime filled with sacrificing and boring foods, but that couldn't be further from the truth. What a lifestyle change truly is, is diets to lose weight followed by a maintenance plan that will help you keep it off. It's NOT a life of boring carrot sticks and lettuce salads for lunch, although it's sure that those items could be in your future if you wanted them to be, but they don't have to be. Once you get the weight off, you can pick and choose the best of the weight loss foods, bring in some foods that are higher in calories and keep up your moderate
exercise program and voila, you have it-a successful life style change.

Yes, the words make it sound so very easy, but finding diets to lose weight and then sticking to them can be difficult. However, with dedication, motivation and determination, you can do it. It's a matter of eating less than you have in the past, reducing your portion sizes and pushing away from the table before you feel full. It's a matter of recognizing that you don't have to feel stuffed in order for the meal to be over. It's also a matter of recognizing true hunger signs instead of eating just because the clock reads 12 noon or 6 pm.

Another key ingredient to finding diets to lose weight successfully is knowing the plan inside and out. You need to know all the possible foods you can eat, how much of them to eat and recognizing a serving size on site if a measuring cup is not available. While the diet may read that you may eat unlimited fruit, it's common knowledge that some fruits have more calories than others. If you continue to eat bananas every time you want, the weight is not going to come off, no matter how good the diet plan is. You have to realize that there are other things you can do with your time when you're bored than eat. Finding a good diet to lose weight is important, but finding the triggers that make you overeat in the first place are even
more important.

There are tons of diets to lose weight in the marketplace for you to choose from when you've made up your mind to finally lose weight. So when you start comparing apples to apples, so to speak, choose one that will help you ultimately change your weight and health for the better, not continue the cycle of destructive yo-yo dieting.

Bill Hernandez began his fitness crusade by losing 150 pounds over the course of two years. Now he is a tireless crusader to persuade and educate parents on proper nutrition and fitness for children. He travels widely spreading his motivational message.

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