Data Backup Services Protect Businesses from Sudden Loss

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Author: Shane Molliwan

Imagine operating a business during a huge flood in Florida or in the Midwest to find that all of your data, collected over decades, has been lost due to equipment damage. Or consider what might happen if a fire destroys your files for your non-profit membership drive, and you no longer have the long mailing list that will enable you to solicit funds for the upcoming year. How would you manage the loss of all your client information at a law firm due to a massive earthquake in California? Whatever your organizational position might be, it’s obvious that losing necessary data is a significant loss that, in some instances, can doom the success of a business.

The importance of data backup services to ensure the security and safety of your data cannot be overemphasized. Whether you are a creative consultant with charts and maps, a digital photographer with all of your work digitized and saved on external hard drives (that can also suffer damage, get lost or stolen, or become corrupt), or you simply run a small business and keep your ledger files digital and on your hard disc, the risk of loss is always a present reality. Data backup services that provide online solutions for storage and access are increasingly popular for that very reason.

Data backup services are cost-effective due to the fact that you can customize how you use the service, and there are no up-front costs or additional costs for maintenance – all of which would be the case should you choose to rely solely on local solutions for backing up your data . As a less costly and more efficient way of storing data, which can be easily retrieved online at any time, data backup services that use cloud technology reduces costs significantly while providing increased security for your database system. With automated daily or hourly backups (whatever best suits your unique business needs) it's possible to be sure that you never lose a file again.

Specific software is usually downloaded to your computer system when you use an online data backup service. Accessing your remote files locally through your software, it becomes evident rather quickly how this method for data retrieval and storage is far superior to older, more outdated methods for protecting data. Rather than relying on the manual transfer of data to an external hard drive, tapes or other media, the accessibility of your date from the remote location is instantaneous, and far less difficult or time-consuming as other, manual methods.

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