Convection Oven Technology Meets the Countertop Oven

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Today's new small countertop ovens have come a long way. New space- saving ovens use advanced technology to make cooking fast, efficient and healthy. This technology is found in convection ovens.

These ovens typically use infrared, convention and/or conduction technology to cook food efficiently, save energy and provide healthy meals for the whole family. Here are some examples of ovens that use advanced technology to make cooking easier.


Toaster Ovens with Convection Technology:

  • Hamilton Beach countertop convection rotisserie oven - The Hamilton Beach 31197 is a 120 watt toaster oven with a double decker rack that allows for pizza baking, general baking and broiling. This convection oven also has rotisserie functions. Included in the package is 2 racks, slide out tray, rotisserie equipment and a pizza pan.


  • Breville Bov800xl smart oven convection toaster - The Breville Box800xl toasts, bakes, roasts, reheats, warms and can cook bagels, pizza and cookies with 1800 watts of power. It is easy to program and uses "smart" technology to ensure that the heat directs itself to the food for thorough and efficient cooking at a huge energy savings.


Microwave Ovens with Convection Technology:

  • Sharp R820 microwave oven with convection cooking - Where most regular microwaves do not brown, the Sharp R820 900 watt microwave uses convection technology to add browning and crisping to the fast cooking microwaves provide. It does this with 2 grill convection that allows the hot air to radiant under and over the food. It also has programmable settings for various foods.


  • Kenmore Elite 1.5 cu. ft. convection microwave - This Kenmore model #67903 does everything any other microwave can do and adds convection oven cooking that also cooks, bakes and roasts with 10 power level settings up to 1000 watts microwave power and 1500 convection power. Includes digital display, one touch/auto cooking and 3 defrost settings.


Infrared Ovens with Convection Technology:

  • Nuwave - The Nuwave brand uses conduction, infrared and convection technology to cook, bake, roast, dehydrate and even brown foods quickly and gently. This oven uses 1500 watts of power and allows for several variants for cooking foods. It saves space, stores well and cleanup is quick and easy.
  • SPT - The Supentown SO-200 Super Turbo oven bakes, grills, roasts and steams with circulating convection technology to ensure even cooking at even temperatures. It uses 1200 watts of power and has a Pyrex glass body to endure higher heat settings.


This is an overview of the various kinds of ovens that combine convection technology with conduction, microwave and infrared technology to make cooking faster, healthier and tastier. Good convection ovens range in price from $50 to $250.

More coming!

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