Choosing the Right Industrial Air Compressor For a Contractor

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Author: Michelle Thompson

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Air compressors are a necessary tool in the construction industry where air tools are heavily used by productive contractors. The right industrial compressor can make the job flow so much smoother while conversely, the wrong compressor can plague productivity.

Most contractors have certain brands that they've come to depend on for worry-free service. Choosing the right air compressor can mean the difference between making that profit line worthwhile or sinking that profit line in a morass of unproductive manpower.

There are some valuable considerations that a contractor should explore in bringing an air compressor to the job site. When shopping for an industrial air compressor, it is generally presented in certain key terms. The first term given on the specification sheet is generally the type of energy needed to power the compressor. This will generally either be electric, gas, or natural gas. The next item in the description would be horsepower.

The third term deals with tank size expressed in gallons. The final specification has to do with the flow rate expressed in cfm. One of the big manufacturers of air compressors is Bel-Aire and the shopper needs to know what their particular requirements are before shopping Bel-Aire's extensive listings online. While Bel-Aire makes an outstanding product, they are not necessarily ideal for a contractor because they are larger than what a contractor is normally looking for.

Although they would be ideal in an auto repair shop, they lack portability for a construction site. A contractor can generally sacrifice tank size and horsepower to maintain portability. But it also depends on how many tools and cords are running from this one industrial air compressor. One of the best brands on the market for contractors is the Rolair Compressor.

They have been making compressors at their Wisconsin plant for 3 generations and they are sure to have the right one for the job. Contractors are generally infamous for giving their compressors a thorough workout. The compressor has to withstand the elements and long hours of use with the constant starting and ramping up as well as air deceleration.

These Rolair compressors are heavy duty. The belt is protected in a fully protected belt guard. There are also oil lubricating features that mean that Rolair knows what abuse these compressors can tolerate from contractors. Prices are very competitive with other companies in the industrial air compressor marketplace. A new Rolair can cost $800 and comes with a two year warranty. This is the right tool for the profit conscious contractor.

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