Choose Best Dental Implant Dentist to Avoid Complications

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Author: Dr. Khalil Saghezchi

The first and the foremost important decision that has to be taken before restoring the teeth is that you must select an experienced dental implant dentist. This may be a tough job but you have to do that to be on safer side. You should collect more and more details about the dentist and choose the best one.

Firstly, let us make the concept clear about what dental implant actually is? Out of every 10 person 1 faces dental problem. He may have cavities or may lose his original teeth. The lost teeth can be replaced by an artificial one. A dental implant is a metallic cylinder which is placed inside the jawbone in place of the original teeth. These cylinders play the role of the root that holds the replaced or original teeth firmly. A dental implant can secure the original loose teeth in the same place by installing it beside that loose tooth & then anchoring it with supportive crowns. By doing this the functioning of the teeth becomes much better and also it lasts for a longer period inside the mouth.

The entire process of dental implantation takes about four months. The Invisalign treatment in San Jose is done totally in a systematic manner keeping in mind the patience’s comfort, hygiene, safety and beautiful smile. A tooth has a root (the hidden beneath the gum, inside the jawbone) and the crown (the visible part below the gum). The natural teeth are held by the root and dental implant plays the role of a root. The dental implant is first implanted into the gums and left so that the bone gets formed around it. After a period of three months, a connector post is added with the help of which dental implant and permanent tooth gets attached. Tested and approved implant systems are being used by all the dentists. The dental implant has lasted for more than twenty years with a 90 % rate of success.

Various batteries are used for making dental implants. The most common metal that is used is called titanium. Titanium is said to be human biology’s most compatible metal. The metal is placed surgically inside the jawbone by the dentist after giving anesthesia to the patient.

Last and the least, you should not have a misconception that not much care is required for the teeth after dental implants. In fact you should take more care so that it lasts for a longer period of time like the natural ones.

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