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Internet has revolutionized the field of online shopping. Because of the many benefits of online shopping, more and more people use them. This also means that more and more people prefer to buy their stuff online than from a store.

There are many reasons why people prefer online shopping.

1. HASSLE FREE SHOPPING – The easiness of online shopping is what many people find. You never have to wait in a queue, or to wait until a store employee can help you with your purchases. You can even shopping within a few minutes while you're busy with other things. This saves you a lot of time and you can avoid the crowds. Online stores allow us to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week purchases. At 'downloadable' products like e-books, the customer after purchase of the product on the internet can possess the same in minutes. This provides benefits not only for us but also for nature. There are no plastic bags and you do not need your car to the shop to drive.

2. ATTRACTIVE PRICES – Another attractive effect of online shopping are the attractive prices of products. You can get the slashed price of the products, as the products are coming directly from the suppliers. There are fewer parties involved in the delivery, which significantly lowered the prices down. Beside you can also opt for different deals like drug deals, cosmetic deals, deals of clothing etc. Also you get online discount coupons often which you can redeem on next purchases from the same store.

3. OVERSTOCK FACILITIES – there are many online shops that also offers overstock coupons and overstock promo code. These help to get additional discounts on the general discounts. This is so because the seller buys these products in bulk and hence can sell them at reduced rates.

4. VARIATION – The choice of available products is incredibly large. In online shopping you can even get different products and brands at one store. And besides that, many times have you already seen that a product was sold out? But in case of online shopping you'll never or get hardly affected. And if this is already the case, then you can always go to another online store.

5. SENDING GIFTS – Online shopping makes “sending gifts” to family and friends easy. It does not matter where your family or friends live, you can find them all over the world send a gift. Today there is no excuse for not sending gift because no one lives too far away! Beside you can also get discount supplements and gift your loved ones accordingly.

6. LESS EXPENSES – When you are on a mall, there is a huge chance for going for other products, when you are all set to buy something other. This increase your shopping habit and make you spend more, but in case of online shopping you will be directed to a definite product page, and hence you can save your bucks.

7. COMPARE PRICES – Online stores make it easier than ever to compare products or to investigate the cheapest product. Online stores offer customers the ability to share information and experiences about products with others.

8. CROWDS –Internet offers the solution for those who wants to avoids the crowds during shopping. Just sitting in your armchair all your shopping will be done. And you can also avoid thinking of the parking problems that we always encounter during busy shopping days ...

9. SECRET PURCHASES – there are many products that we don’t want others to spot, when at buying. Think 18 + stuff, lingerie and so on. Online stores offer you the opportunity to make this whole privacy to purchase without anyone finding out. This can be a lot of shame and avoid embarrassing moments.

10. FOR OLD ONES – it is not always possible for our grandparents to go over the shop and buy medicines. They can always get through the online discount pharmacy and buy their needs. They can also avail drug coupon for future use. Online shopping is indispensable option for them.

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