Bihar’s Employment Sector coming out of shadows

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Author: Shipra Sinha

Once known as a failed state, Bihar is now reviving its brand value and creating opportunities for its young generation. The State has majorly transformed into a developing state from a laggard or dismal state. New Jobs offered in Bihar include IT and BPO services along with other sectors marching ahead too.

Backed by a good agricultural system, the State has been reviving well since 2010 and has been among the fastest growing state clocking 11.5 per cent of growth rate. The State is well known for its politics and services. Lakhs of migrants from Bihar travel across the country and are employed in various sectors of the economy. Earlier, whenever a student used to graduate or complete 10 plus 2 education, they used to move out of the State for higher education and jobs. But the picture is changing now, as the state is developing and jobs are being created in Bihar. The State Government is doing all it can to stop the brain drain from the State.

Top Executives

Known for their impeccable intelligence and academic excellence most of the bright students from Bihar, enter civil services. A look at the list of bureaucrats will reveal that most of them come from Bihar and have excellent analytical skills. This was the major trend in 1990’s and 2000’s but the scenario is changing now, and even though there are few industries in Bihar, but other sectors, apart from the service sector, are now making their mark and creating jobs in Bihar.

Improved Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the state has undergone a massive transformation and the cities now have good roads, street lights and other public facilities. It was after the 1970’s that the State’s development nosedived but slowly and gradually it is again coming up with increased share in terms of GDP growth.

Service Hub

Bihar was and is still the service hub of the country and professionals for almost all sectors are hired from here. The State Government is now trying to retain its outgoing professionals by encouraging industries and inviting companies to set up offices here. Nearly 72 per cent of the State’s GDP comes from the service sector and that says it all in terms of professional expertise the people of Bihar have.

Commercial Hubs

Commercial hubs like Patna, Munger and Begusarai have greater economic share and are developing fast. IT parks are being constructed here and industries are being invited to set up campuses here. To create jobs in Bihar the local government is encouraging the small and medium scale enterprises (MSME) in a big way. Already, the MSME sector is a major contributor to the state’s GDP and the government is further pushing it ahead and encouraging ingenious entrepreneurs.

Job Forecast

The job forecast looks better than years behind and the State is set to create more and more jobs with the setting up of new businesses and the IT companies establishing campuses here. Experts count Bihar among the states that created the maximum number of jobs in the year 2011 and 2012 and they expect the trend to continue. Although, the population of the State has also increased but the job creation process is bearing fruit gradually. The State has already been put on road to recovery and the intellectuals, who had left their soil earlier to look for greener pastures elsewhere, are returning back to the State, realizing that their own city or town are doing well and offering opportunities which were lacking earlier.

The ancient land of learning, the epicentre of Buddhism and knowledge is slowly and gradually realizing its value and emerging out of the shadows.

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