Best Known Natural Home Remedies For Dry Hair

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Home remedies for dry hair are preferred by many people instead of expensive shampoos and conditioners which sometimes worsen the problem. Nobody likes to have dry hair, but the situation can change dramatically using only several at hand ingredients. Lemons for instance are not just refreshing and healthy when consumed, but also useful for improving the way your hair looks like. Lemon juice does wonders on dry hair. Dilute the juice from two lemons in water and use the massage this water on your scalp gently.

Oils are, generally speaking, great home remedies for dry hair. There are a variety of vegetable oils that can be used and people generally decide depending on which one they have or on which one they like better. Coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil and olive oil are the ones most commonly used. Olive oil seems to be the most popular one and many people prefer it in favor of other home remedies for dry hair.

Other ingredients that can be used as home remedies for dry hair and that you probably have in your fridge are eggs. You can use them in various ways. Mixing an egg with honey and applying it on the hair every day works fine. It is also efficient to whip an egg with a few drops of warm water and then to use this mixture on the hair. The combination between egg and olive oil is also very popular because both ingredients have proven efficacy on dry hair.

Since vegetable oils are such great home remedies for dry hair, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the fact that mayonnaise also works good. It is easy to use because all it takes is to apply it on your hair and leave it there for half an hour before washing it off. It might sound messy, but the effect on your hair is going to be great.

Hair, just like skin, needs nutrients in order to look good. This is why avocado and bananas are other excellent home remedies for dry hair. They provide the vitamins and the minerals that the hair needs. Make yourself a hair mask out of an overripe banana and a mushy avocado. You can also add a few drops of olive oil. Keep the mask on for twenty minutes and make sure your use it on a regular basis.

Since the main cause of dry hair is lack of proper hydration, the most important one of the home remedies for dry hair that you need to use it plain water. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses a daily in order to hydrate your body.

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