Best Known Natural Home Remedies For Dry Cracked Hands

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Dry cracked hands can produce discomfort and they also look bad. Home remedies for dry cracked hands solve the problem safely and easily. Generally speaking, your skin, including the one on the hands, needs to be correctly exfoliated and moisturized in order to be healthy. However, if your hands are already dry and cracked, you need some remedies that will heal them. Vitamin E is excellent for the skin and it has the ability to fill the cracks on your hands. Just open two capsules of vitamin E and massage them on your hands.

Olive oil works wonders for dry cracked hands and together with petroleum jelly is one of the most known home remedies for dry cracked hands. Some people choose to add it in some water and then to keep their hands there for 15 minutes. Others find it more effective if they apply it on the hands at night, they take some cotton gloves and they sleep like this. Petroleum jelly needs to be used in the same manner.

Other oils make good home remedies for dry cracked hands also. There are people who use almond oil instead of olive oil. On the other hand, castor oil is great to be included in a natural scrub. Exfoliation is also important and it is best to be done with a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and castor oil. Each ingredient has a certain action and the result is fabulous. Besides healing the hands, this remedy also gets you rid of possible stains.

Tomato juice, glycerin and lemon juice are all good remedies for dry cracked hands. They need to be used together and applied on the hands. The mixture of these three ingredients needs to be left there for at least ten minutes before rinsing it with water.

One of the simplest and most accessible home remedies for dry cracked hands is honey. It is very easy to use and the “treatment” can be done even in your busiest days. All you have to do is to wet your hands and to take some honey and rub it on them. You can wash your hands after five minutes.

Not all home remedies for dry cracked hands are for external use. The condition of skin is highly influenced by the amount of nutrients in your diet. Vitamin A is essential for the way your skin looks like and so is selenium. These can be found in foods like leafy vegetables, carrots and whole grains.

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