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There are many oils which are useful for health of hairs in their natural form and some can be enriched by mixing with other natural substances for beneficial results, people looking for best herbal hair oil to prevent hair fall and dandruff can chose any from these. These oils have been used in traditional medicine since ancient times and are equally useful for men and women. Problem of hair fall and dandruff is so common that almost everyone suffer with these at some point of time.

The reason behind the problem are mainly over-use of shampoos containing chemicals, pollution, chemicals present in the water, hormonal changes, improper oiling and cleaning, use of styling creams and gels and too much use of hair dryer etc. Apart from these too much exposure to sun, air and water also increase problems of hair fall and dandruff. These problems if left untreated can cause bald spots and make person look older and unattractive also cause embarrassment. This is the reason why most of us are looking for best herbal hair oil to prevent hair fall and dandruff.

Coconut oil is very nourishing for hairs and promotes sound hair growth, its regular massage is very useful for maintaining hair and scalp health. People often make a mistake and only apply oil on the hairs while massaging head with coconut oil, hairs cannot absorb any thing hence massaging hairs can only make them shine temporarily but cannot nourish them, for proper nourishment one needs to massage the scalp as hairs take all the nourishment from their roots which are located in the scalp. Massage the scalp by collecting oils with finger tips and rub it gently at the base of the hairs and on entire scalp. If problem is severe one can add half teaspoon of lime juice with two teaspoons of coconut oil. This works as the best herbal hair oil to prevent hair fall and dandruff.

If you are looking for best herbal hair oil to prevent hair fall and dandruff, you can prepare it at home. Take one piece of Amla and cut it into small pieces, leave them to dry in shade. When these have dried take four tablespoons of coconut oil and boil it, later add dried pieces of Amla and let the mixture boil till Amla pieces change their color. Sieve the mixture, press the pieces of Amla to draw out all the oil and store the oil in a glass bottle. Use this oil regularly for massaging scalp and hairs, one can prepare this oil in larger quantity by increasing the ingredients in same ratio. If you are looking for best herbal hair oil to prevent hair fall and dandruff this can end your search.

If smell does not irritate you boil 20-25 leaves of Henna with four tablespoons of Mustard oil till leaves turn black, later strain the mixture to discard leaves and store the oil in glass bottle. Use this oil to massage scalp and hair, this also works as the best herbal hair oil to prevent hair fall and dandruff. You can use Hylix herbal hair oil to prevent dandruff and other problem naturally.

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