Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery Extend Beyond Improved Health

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Author: Janice Mills

There is much to consider when undergoing an elective weight loss surgery. In addition to thinking about the effect that such a procedure will have on one’s physique, patients should also examine how their lifestyle will be changed. Many people have carefully weighed the options, emerging with the well thought-through decision to go ahead with the surgery and enjoy its benefits.

Many people wonder: how much is gastric banding? The answer varies, depending on how much a person is comfortable spending. In other words, the answer to the question is related to whether or not patients take advantage of the range of financing options available.

Beyond financial considerations, patients can expect meaningful weight loss without great risk of complication and extensive pain. Gastric banding, also known as Lap Band operation, requires that patients to be placed under general anesthesia while a prosthetic device is inserted around a portion of their stomach.

A tiny video camera is attached to a telescope that is then placed in the abdomen in order that surgeons can see the abdominal cavity. Gas is pumped into the area to expand it and provide the space needed for a prosthetic device, the band, to be placed around the upper stomach.

Weight loss surgery risks are minimal, however, consultation with a surgeon prior to the procedure is advised so that patients can review with a doctor their medical and weight history. Patients should be educated about any risks and potential adverse events. Staff at the clinic can adjust the size of the opening between the upper and lower parts of the stomach which controls the rate at which foods passes through.

The overall effect of the band is that it makes patients feel satisfied more quickly then they otherwise would. Patients can still enjoy the foods they love, however, they are able to consumer them in smaller quantities and not be hungry.

Patients report great success following a gastric banding procedure with the majority of them experiencing a loss of up to 50% of their unwanted weight within the first twelve months following surgery.

Patients, who originally expressed reservation about investing in the surgery, later express relief that they decided to proceed. Many realize that they have saved money in the long term because they are no longer taking medications to manage ailments related to being overweight.

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