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Author: Janvi Ahuja

Hi, this is Janvi Ahuja, content writer and blogger. I'm currently writing about different real estate projects in Noida and publishing blogs on Education and about Charitable Schools in India.

The elevating prices have made property a farfetched dream for some people. The idea of owning a home sprouts in every head, but not everybody is capable of fulfilling it. The costing is a major disadvantage, and especially in prime cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Noida. Your employment base can be there and you might not be able to buy yourself a home in that area, which would have been possible otherwise. Property in Noida and NCR is specially growing more costly day by day, and that is where a majority of north Indians find employment. So buying a property in other locations just due to the fact that property in Noida is unaffordable is the common man’s plight.

People own houses in smaller towns and are forced to live on high rented apartments, but the real estate industry is targeting each and every section of society and hence, there are options for every pocket. Thus, if you live alone or as a couple and you possibly require lesser space then studio apartments can be the right choice. A studio apartment basically is a mini life station; all your life’s necessities are close at hand in a single room. It can be an adorable little niche of your personal space surrounding you delicately.

A studio apartment does reduce your living space considerably, but if you live alone, it can be equally wonderful and affordable. The smallness of it is both its virtue and its flaw. It can provide you with a very personal space, holding all your necessities and ensuring your privacy both at the same time. In fact there are certain plus points that only a loner would appreciate that only a studio flat can afford.

The space has complete privacy and your personal touch; this can be an advantage especially if you are on the creative side for your living. If a personal space and peace of mind is what you are seeking then studio flats can be the right choice.

Secondly, the money saved on the property can be used up in exquisite interiors for your small home. The savings can be used up in other important things or can be invested to buy a larger space later. You also tend to become more organized and cleaner when the space is small. In addition, the time spared for cleaning and daily chores is reduced considerably, as lesser space and lesser cleaning is involved.

Another advantage is that while you are saving on space you can invest on the location. It is a good idea to buy a studio apartment in the coolest locations of the city rather than a larger apartment in a dreary and remote location, especially when you are not using all of that space and which is just for grandeur does not serve the purpose. Thus, having a small space which is yours to call is better rather than paying unnecessary rents and draining your economic resources.

This article from Janvi Ahuja, where you’ll be able to know the advantages of a studio apartment and property at Noida. Explore the real estate websites for details on properties.

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