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Author: Paula Swinger

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Renaissance painters perceive Arcadia as pastoral utopia . But as I looked jagged peaks and steep -walled valleys of the door of a small church in the vineyard Domaine Tselepou , or climbed a mountain road to the winery Semele inn with eight rooms past yellow and purple wildflowers and majestic rock cliffs , this mythical region of the Peloponnese had clearly primordial cast. While much of modern culture evolved here , it seemed only a thin veneer .

The Peloponnese , the peninsula of more than 8,000 square miles that fills the southern third of mainland Greece , has a rich history that dates back to antiquity . Pan, the god of nature , is said to have sprung from the Arcadian forests . Sparta clashed with Athens in the plains , and the Greek independence was sparked in the villages of the 1820s . So it is no coincidence that most of the grapes planted in the area are full and challenging Greeks. " There are two approaches to Greece , international or local varieties ," said Paraskevopoulos . " Here in the Peloponnese , we chose the latter. The tricky. "

At Mantinea in Arcadia mountains near Tripoli , Moshofilero (mos - koe - fee - le - series ) makes wonderful transparent white wines. The best ones taste of chilly summer nights that make the slow ripening of grapes among the last to be picked up across Europe . Property Spyropoulos shares a plateau there with ancient ruins. An Athenian dentist started the winery in ancestral agricultural land in the 1980s , working weekends to instill his son, the Apostle , in the culture of growing grapes and producing wine.

At 39, the Apostle Spyropoulos now runs the estate . Throwing dinner parties in the courtyard full of flowers , guiding tours of certified organic vineyards , and serves bracing , unoaked version of Moshofilero having spine of a great Riesling. Try the winery , then drink the bottle garden Tavern Peter Arbour , in Tripoli , along with roasted rooster , hand -cut pasta with a wisp of cinnamon and bitter greens coax sweet fruits of the steel and flint .

In the valley below is Mantineias Nemea , a red grape region that extends almost to the edges of the port city of Nafplion ( Nafplio often spelled ) . The predominant grape there, Aghiorghitiko (ah - you - Yee - ti - ko), can make a friendly but almost characterless wine that , in the wrong hands , it is soft to the point of self-indulgence . But Winemaker George Skouras makes for the variety , what The Simpsons did for animation, adding complexity without losing the spark that makes it fun . Launched in 1986 , applying the lessons learned in school enology with the varieties of the region . Without realizing it , that would contribute to a rising generation of winemakers throughout Greece who seek the same. " It became a movement ," he said . " Almost a revolution . "

Now Skouras makes about 700,000 bottles annually , while welcoming the waves of visitors who stop at the premises of the exhibit , is a 90- minute drive from Athens . What you will find is a range of wines using precision rather than power to seduce . " We are a European winery , defiantly ," said Skouras . Became clear what he meant when he poured Grande Cuvée , from Aghiorghitiko grown in volcanic soil . Surprised to learn that this wine , so composed , so well-bred - could be found stateside for less than $ 29 a bottle. Later , in one of the many restaurants that strikes the harbor of Nafplio , drank a rose rust looked pink and fruity like gum , but smelled fresh-cut flowers .

Nafplio looks like a less elegant version of St. Tropez , without the shine . It has a lattice of cobbled streets , some hotels with ambitions and many other Pensiones with colored shutters and serious breakfast, and pretty good food for a week's stay . I had the best meal there on my Savouras, where customers have resulted in a huge wooden cabinet , whose drawers pulled open to reveal the day's catch in ice. The prices are far from cheap- my grilled snapper was at $ 55, but only the freshest fish you can find , I am convinced , is the ship that worked .

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