5 Steps to 'achieve' Yoga

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Author: Charry Morris

Charry Morris, personal yoga instructor to the United States Ski Team athletes, developed the Yoga Weight Loss System when she lost over 60 pounds with Yoga. She shares here secrets and everything she learned and will help guide you to do the same in the Yoga Weight Loss System.

 5 Steps to Achieve Yoga: To achieve yoga, it is necessary to bring the mind to a state of focus and concentration. The philosophy then tells us that yoga recommends five steps to help the mind learn to concentrate:  It is necessary to develop an interest because the mind cannot focus if it has no interest in some object.  Attention can then be paid, this being a voluntary focusing on the object directed by intention or willpower. 

Practice, or regular repetition of focus, must then take place. Once practice is well established, a level of skill must be developed. Whatever is being done with an alert yet calm body, the breath composed and regular, in a way that displays confidence and competence. In accord with the definition of yoga, it should be possible to attain the set goal without distraction or deviation.

Finally, whatever is being done can be done with an air of complete detachment, or uninvolvement, as if the task at hand is capable of doing itself without the participation of the actor-almost as if someone else is doing it and it is simply being witnessed. This last phase helps to create the calm, emotionally balanced state that yoga seeks.

Beginning. You enter the yoga room. You see people doing their practice. They stand on their heads, stand on their arms, and turn their bodies in improbable twists and bends. You think despairingly, I can’t do that! Then your teacher says, “Once they couldn’t do it either.”

You start. You do a little, do what you can. Next time, you do a little more. It’s obvious isn’t it? You start. You stand in the first standing pose, tadasana. Just stand. Stand straight. Stand straight and still. And begin to learn all the adjustments you can make- balance, symmetry, alignment, ascension. The adjustments you make, even in the pose, the awareness you bring to it, can be refined infinitely. You only need one asana to understand asana, as you only need one poem to understand poetry.

You start. You remember what Hemingway said: “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.” You write a sentence. You rewrite the sentence. You write the sentence another way. You begin to know the ways just once sentence can be written.

Commitment. So you have taken the first step and another step. Then one day, the next step presents itself. Yoga says: “You can’t just ‘try it and see’ anymore. It won’t work until you dedicate a portion, a part, of your life.” This is the moment of choice. This is the commitment. This inspiration to maintain your commitment is always before you.

Excerpt taken from Iyengar: The Yoga Master

'If you can take the first step and begin the momentum rolling in a positive direction, the next steps are easier. In the beginning it is sheer will power and determination to live differently that will get you to your mat. You will always find yourself hitting road blocks and becoming frustrated as you plateau and even go backwards in your practice, but knowing that what is on the other side of the mat, resisting the cookie, getting beyond the rut of your bad habits, will keep you persevering. Yoga is endless in its applications to how you live your life. Yoga is bottomless in its depth of understanding and growth. Yoga is as vast and endless as the sky. Yoga is what is truly in your heart. Yoga is the path of action. Begin. Now.'

The Yoga Weight Loss System guides you along your weight loss journey with yoga. Charry explains step by step, the how and why and demonstrates the correct poses through full-color pictures and video!

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