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Author: Todd Stofka

Since 2002, Todd Stofka, Sports Performance Psychology Expert, has helped Olympians as well as professional, college and high school athletes. He uses sports hypnosis to help those who want to win the mental game by creating core confidence, the ability to release mistakes, focus on correct thoughts and a winning belief inside to produce "in the zone" results.

"Now that our first in the ring, toe-to-toe battle is over between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, it was enjoyable to observe mental posturing," says Todd Stofka Sports Performance Expert. "The debate had the brutality of being in a fight to the death in a UFC Octagon with the finesse of PGA golfers.

"My enjoyment was watching the psychology between the two contenders. Their stances, looks, facial expressions, body movements, vocal tones and stutters, all the classic 'tells' when looking to find your opponent's weaknesses."

4 Sports Psychology "take aways" from the first Presidential Debate between the Democratic President Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney

1. No expectations.

This was about being flexible and ready to adjust to your opponent. How many times do we expect our competition to perform a certain way and put all our effort into defending against it, then they hit us with something else? Romney seemed to be a different competitor to Obama’s expectation in the Octagon.

2. Pressing to win.

There needs to be a fire and passion to win. How many times have we seen underdogs completely destroy the incumbents strictly by having heart, passion and fire? It was described that Romney came out barreling.

3. Trying to defend the lead.

So often when a winning team stops playing offense and tries to just hold on, they fall apart. This is similar to the mindset that happened to the Americans in the 2012 Ryder Cup. Your subconscious mind needs new goals on which to focus. Without these goals your subconscious mind tends to grab some of those unwanted thoughts of your past. What if I make a mistake, lose, etc.? It was said of the President that he wanted to keep his momentum from stalling.

4. Making it “fun”.

When a game goes from fun to work most people lose interest. For fun and interesting things people will do just about anything going above and beyond. "When it's work, it's work," that’s what parents tell their kids they have to do for the rest of their life. As Romney left the Octagon, he said it was fun while his competitor said it was authentic. I have meet far more world class and peak performing athletes, who decided to have fun rather than being authentic.

Whomever you may like for the next President of the United States of America, enjoy watching the psychology between these two great men.

At Philly Hypnosis Performance we help top athletes and business executives win the mental game and to succeed by creating core confidence, the ability to release mistakes, focusing on the correct thought for the moment and a winning belief inside to produce "in the zone" results. We have helped hundreds turn up their game using The Stofka Method.

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