FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Now Offering an API Option for Firms Needing High Volumes of Online Content

(Annapolis, MD) -- (, a premier leader in providing online content worldwide, has today announced that they have made an API option available to high-volume customers who need to place orders for keyword optimized content.

Dave Kelly, CEO of Articlez, was recently quoted as saying, "We have been in the content writing business a long time, We have literally thousands of small-scale shops who place orders with us every month for articles, blog postings and other content. But we have been wanting to reach out in a special way and provide an option for firms who need lots and lots of content written, every month, and who can't take the time to use our single-user system. For them the API option will be ideal."

According to the released documentation, the API (short for Application Programming Interface) will allow for a programming setup between the backend database and the sites of larger companies. Information can then exchanged between both sites, efficiently and accurately.

"For some time now we have been providing lots of different content writing options," said Kelly. Now, with our API, we can offer this content ordering to any firm who needs material written. We even have some firms who are white labeling our services, and pricing this work at a "retail" level that allows them to generate a profit, creating an additional revenue stream for their business operations."

"One of the things that sets us apart from other content providers," said Kelly, "is that we do not rely at all on overseas contracted freelancers. All of our writers, literally hundreds and hundreds of them -- reside in the US, so our clients are assured that we can provide them content that uses natural US English. Given the high volume of work that already passes through our system, we have been quite pleased overall with the quality that our people produce. We put a lot of time into their training, and our customers appreciate that."

Commenting further on the overall industry, Kelly stated, "We know that there are lots and lots of content providers out there -- some very good at what they do, excellent in fact, while others are not so good. Unfortunately there are many companies that need content written for their clients or for their own website pages in high volume, and these excellent providers are just not able to scale their operation to accommodate bulk orders. Some of them are small-scale providers, just one to three people actively involved in writing, and could never provide content on a mass scale that was also high quality. Traditionally, the only options were either high quality or high volume output, but not both. At we strive to provide both, and with the release of our API, that is now a reality for the true high-volume customer."


Dave Kelly, CEO
Annapolis, MD
1-410 394-8813