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Many SEOers must know some common ways to increase site traffic. Like keep updating high quality content, make a good layout and design of the site, encourage readers to comment and reply them, etc, there are really important. But if you want to get a continuous increase of traffic, you have to know some tricky ways to save your time and effort so that you can win over other SEOers in the search engine rankings. Except for some common social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon, you will know more good social sites in my article.


Find Guest blog. If you can get access to someone else’s site, you can apply for writing posts on his site as guest blog on his site. But you’d better right an article that related to one or two articles on your own site, and link the post to your articles.


Use MyBloglog. In order to get more readers, an eye-catching avatar is extremely important to appeal more readers. Then you need to join as many MyBlogLog communities as you can, and you will find many visitors coming to you.


Make a lens on Squidoo. You are allowed to make your own aka, pages and lense on Squidoo. Then you can make a lens which is related to your site’s main business, and link to your site on the lens. Make sure the correlation is quite important.


Write list posts. Normally, list posts appeal more readers to visiting. Some common examples are “Top 10 Songs in 2012”, “8 Helpful Website Optimizing Tools”, “20 Most Popular Films” or “5 Best Seller Books”, and so on. List posts get a lot more traffic than normal posts. I want to give my experience on selling runescape accounts. Firstly, I use blog to promote my site. And then I need to get traffic to my blog so that I can attract readers to visit my site. I post some posts like “Top Ten MMORPGs in 2012”, “Five Easy way to earn Runescape gold”, “Three steps to select a reliable site to buy runescape accounts”. These posts appeal many readers to visit my blog and then some of them click the link in my posts and visit my site.


Submit your blog to search engines. I think the most common aim to increase traffic is to get a good search engine ranking. If you want to get the majority of traffic from search engines, you need to submit your posts to search engine so that they can indexed in Google if you are committed to Google rankings. However, it is more likely your posts get indexed fast if you can write some fresh but meaningful content in your blog or site.


Submit your posts to blog carnivals. In order to make your posts get more exposure, you can go to Blog Carnival website to submit your articles that related to your carnivals as many as you can. As long as the carnival edition is posted, you can get back links and more visitors to your blog or site.


Similar to the use of blog carnivals, you can use Feedburner to make readers to subscribe to your blog. This is a good way to increase site traffic as I usually post some guides about runescape powerleveling and money making. They are really useful to promote runescape accounts for sale.


You can have a try these tricky ways. Believe or not, I earn thousands of dollars from runescape accounts selling. What I usually do is to write posts and use some common and tricky ways to increase traffic to my site.

I have played runescape for a year, but I like writing Runescape guides very much. Once I am committed to runescape accounts for sale. Now, I update many rs guides on my blog every day.

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