Conversational Hypnosis-The Basics

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Author: Diane McCarthy

Diane is a personal fitness trainer and registered dietician. With a family of 5, she still finds time to handle her own business and meet the needs of women in her community.

Conversational hypnosis is a method of communicating with another person without them noticing you are doing so. This communication is all done through the unconscious mind and often takes places when the two parties appear to be having a normal conversation. For this reason, this type of hypnosis is often referred to as sleight of mouth or covert hypnosis. The purpose of hypnosis is to change a person's behavior. When this type of hypnosis is used, the person believes that the targeted behavior has changed because they want it to rather than due to some outside influence. The person has no knowledge of having been hypnotized.

Covert hypnosis is a technique derived from indirect hypnosis which was first developed by Milton H. Erickson. In order for this method to work, the hypnotist must develop rapport with the person to be hypnotized who is referred to as the subject. At no point in time does the subject know this is occurring, but the hypnotist is able to delve into the subject's subconscious and make suggestions for behavioral changes. Often this is described as the subject being lost in the moment. He or she will listen intently and agree with the hypnotist even when this is against their normal position. Information is taken in and yet the source is never questioned as to the validity of the material.

Conversational hypnosis can be very helpful in a number of areas. Not only has it been used to help those who wish to quit smoking or lose weight, phobias have been cured with this treatment technique. Customers have been convinced to buy more products or services and friends obey commands you give them and never know the difference. It even works on children! As the subject is not aware of the outside influence, he or she attributes the change in behavior to a personal change. Hypnosis is a natural state that can help overcome behaviors or habits that are detrimental to the subject and quite possibly others.

Many believe that hypnosis of any type must be performed by a licensed professional. This is not the case. One can be placed into a hypnotic state at almost any time in any situation and never know the difference. This is very beneficial to those who are struggling in an area and need outside assistance. Certain steps must be followed for this to occur but, once they have been learned, sleight of mouth is simple.

Are you curious about conversational hypnosis? I have written this article to help beginners to understand what it is and how it might be used.

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