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There are many ways to spruce up the look and feel of the interior and exterior of your home. Some things you do to the interior tend to affect the exterior as well. One example is window blinds. Many blinds are designed for viewing from both sides of the window. With many windows on your home.

You may want the interior to look different in one room from another, i.e. the dining room window and the living room windows, but on the outside, generally you want the color to be neutral and consistent. There are many blinds companies that are aware of this and thus make the inside portion of the blinds a neutral color like white, while keeping the outside another color.

This generally applies to cellular blinds- blinds that have no separation between the slats. Some blinds are even designed to be the same on both sides, while others have a different design on the top and bottom of the slats which can be an interesting way to change the scenery inside the home. With these blinds the color or picture the slats collectively create will be shown when closed in an upward tilt or downward tilt. In other words closing the blinds in each direction will change the color you see when they are closed.

Window blinds can change the entire look of a rooms interior. They can also enhance things in the room like certain trim and color schemes. I've seen rooms that had no character become robust and beautiful simply by adding the right wood blinds to every window in the room! You can start at the blinds and build the rooms theme from there as well.

If the blinds clash with the rooms theme it can completely change the energy in the room. Luckily, today, there are a lot of different types, colors, designs, and materials that blinds are made from and many hundred more come out ever year.

Blinds have many functions beyond aesthetics, however, as they are highly functional as well. Blinds are used to keep the privacy in and yet still bring light to the room. With blinds you essentially control the light and others ability to see in (and your ability to see out even if they cannot see in!). Window blinds also provide insulation from the cold and hot temperatures which can save you substantially on electric bills (as well as keep the room at a comfortable temperature).

If your doing research on window blinds or need to know more so you can make an informed decision before you go out and start shopping, then you've come to the right site.

The pages on this site are chalked full of highly useful information about blinds, their uses, the many popular types, where you can get them, about how much they are, and much more. Feel free to click around the navigation menu to the side of this article to jump to any page on the site.

We've provided here an overview on blinds but each page has a detailed look into that particular type and some examples of how you might use them, where they would be best used (i.e. some for the bathroom due to the high moisture).

We did a lot of research so you don't have to, but keep in mind this site is not an all inclusive look into windows blinds. You will find a great deal of information in these pages but research should always be done in several places so you can correlate your information and just in case something we didn't cover won't be missed. You can use a lot of the terminology and information here to continue your research, happy hunting!


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