Why are edu backlinks so important?

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Author: Shaun Swilling

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When you are trying to get noticed by Google or any other search engine it has been a well-known fact that when you get edu links you get noticed and your page rank improves. But is this true or is it just another Internet fishwives tale?

There are actually two opinions on this because a well-respected spokesperson for Google Matt Cutts has said on more than one occasion that Google has no bias towards .edu or .gov links. But the question could then be that maybe he does not want these institutions to start selling these links.

But whatever you believe the truth is always in the pudding and we can see that search engines generally like to see .edu and .gov backlinks. The problem is then where can one get edu backlinks and how does one go about it and not really is it worth it.

Well as far as it being worth it is concerned when you have a verified backlink to an edu site you are getting an unbiased, highly respected source which is going to hold a lot more weight than a backlink from some ordinary website.

The keyword here is “unbiased” as we all know that the Internet is packed full of billions of websites that are all trying to sell you something which means that everything has a bias or a hidden agenda. It is therefore obvious that a search engine would look closely at an .edu or .gov backlink.

When you get edu backlinks you are getting a backlink from an educational institution and that is why it holds more water than an ordinary backlink. If you were in charge of programming the search engine spider that patrols the Internet 24/7 looking for these links you would also program it to look for edu sites and their backlinks.

There are quite a few ways that you can actually get edu backlinks and although most of them will cost you money there are also a few free ways that you can get them. But the point is really that even if you do pay for them they are more often than not worth the money.

If you think that you can get edu links by paying for them then it makes one think about the true meaning of page ranking but that is another debate. Getting edu backlinks or gov backlinks is something that can be done by going to the many and various government and educational forums.

They also have blogs where you can post a comment on them and leave your URL in your signature which will enable you to get a backlink. The problem with this method is that it might be free but it takes a lot of time to get it done and as we know time is money.

So although one can buy verified edu backlinks from places and even companies that specialize in this kind of service the question would more than likely be how many are needed. This is the kind of question that would need to look at how competitive your specific niche is.

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