Why I Love And Hate My Canada Post Mailman

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Author: Troy White

Troy White is a top marketing coach, consultant & direct response copywriter based in Calgary, Canada. He has a powerful approach to growing small businesses and entrepreneurial run ventures on a budget. His free Cash Flow Surges blog shares tons of great strategies at his main blog.

First, a warning: I am not a fan of unions. This may offend you if you are in a union. When I was 18 yrs old I worked for my first and only union, Alberta Transportation. I was getting paid good coin for standing there holding a elevation stick one day, a sign the next, weighing gravel trucks the next. The worst job of them all? Counting fence posts.

Yes, I admit it, I got paid good coin (for an 18 year old!) to walk along a fence line counting the posts. Was it worth what they paid me? Not a chance. But I was not arguing.

Actually, it was that job combined with a gas pumping job (specifically, pumping gas when it was minus 30 out!) that convinced me to go back to school and get a Bachelor of Commerce degree (majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship).

Anyhow…since then I have grown distrustful of unions and the damage they can do to a business. And now, to put a nail in the coffin for direct mail – grrrrr – this comes in: “Notice of a Work Disruption at Post. Post received notice that the Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) intends to begin strike activities. In the event of a strike, Post will not operate. Mail and parcels will not be delivered.”

I truly do hope this doesn’t happen. But it sounds likely it will. I love direct mail – receiving it AND mailing it. Admit it – don’t you love getting an unexpected package in the mail? Something you had no clue it was coming, yet there it is in your physical mailbox. Just today I got a beautiful thank you card and a Starbucks gift card from Charmaine Hammond. A couple weeks ago there was a marketing campaign for her book On Tobys Terms and she got best seller status in Canada AND the US… CONGRATS!

I love getting things in the mail. So do your customers. Yet fewer and fewer marketers are using the mail (which to me is a HUGE opportunity if you want to stand out from all the other clutter out there online).

But if Canada Post does strike, we will lose even more direct mail lovers like me. Boooooo! Before all these Postal bureaucracies end up going bankrupt, you should seriously get busy running some direct mail campaigns. Before this marketing opportunity is gone forever.

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