Why BPA Free So Important When You Choose Water Bottle?

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Author: Amy Strong

Amy Strong is a writer who specializes in sports and outdoor activities. You can check out her latest website at Collapsible Water Bottle, where she provides unbiased reviews and buying advice for things you should know about collapsible water bottles, including Vapur, Platypus, BPA free water bottle, and much more.

BPA is a primary component in many of the plastic items we use daily. Most of these items come in direct contact with our food. In fact, most of the reusable and disposable plastic bottles contain BPA as a primary monomer in them. Also, most of the canned food packaging is inner-coated with BPA. So, literally we are eating and drinking BPA everyday!

As health is too delicate a matter to be dealt with riskily, in the light of above concerns, we all need to act quickly. That being said, now I’ll talk about the ways to tackle this problem. First of all, we should figure out where to begin with! It has been identified that infants, babies and younger children are the ones most exposed and vulnerable to the harmful effects of BPA. So, it is good to begin with finding alternatives to Sippy cups, plastic feeders and plastic baby-food containers. Try to replace the plastic with metal wherever possible. Plastic items are known to release more toxins when hot, so you should avoid storing hot liquids and foods in plastic containers for longer periods and never expose them to sunlight or any other heat source.

Secondly, we should try to reduce bottled water and canned food consumption. Although it is certainly not easy, however, the alternatives are still there. Stainless steel bottles are becoming widely popular as a replacement to BPA positive polycarbonate plastic bottles. Another, relatively new addition to the BPA-free, reusable bottles is the soft plastic collapsible bottles.

Collapsible bottles, besides being BPA free, are very light weight and flexible. When empty, they can be flattened and rolled up to save space. The thin, floppy material makes them very light in weight as compared to their traditional hard plastic alternatives. Surely, going BPA free with collapsible bottles looks cool!

Now for the canned foods, we should really try to consume more homemade and home canned foods, or at least save the infants and babies from any type of canned food to minimize the harmful effects of this compound.

Finally, I must say that we can effectively protect ourselves from the harms of BPA if we can identify the major exposure areas and avoid them. Hard plastic water bottles does seem to me to be one of those major contributors, so replacing them with something more healthy like stainless steel or BPA free collapsible bottles is certainly the most important and effective thing we can do to stay healthy.

You can check out my latest website at Collapsible Water Bottle, where you can find out more reasons why collapsible water bottle is a great choice for our daily life and know further about BPA Free Water Bottle.

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