When does secondary infertility attack you?

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Author: John Steffen

After having your first child when the child grows up or reaches the age of three or four, you start thinking for your second child. It is an exciting step to think about getting a brother or a sister for company to the first child. However, you may run into difficulty if you are finding it difficult to conceive the second time over. When you have problems in conceiving the second time over it means you are facing secondary infertility.

After some time you may start feeling dispirited and even confused. It is difficult to cope with secondary infertility particularly when all the other mothers around you are going in for the second time.

Don’t be scared; you are not alone in this situation. In fact second infertility is considered to be more common in couples than not being able to conceive even for once. This symptom is more likely to affect the older couples, as fertility rates reduce as people age with time.

You must know when it is the right time to seek for a professional help. A lot of specialists are there who will offer you advice, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed you can just consult the specialist and find a way out. A lot of couples are dealing with infertility as compared to the previous years and still there are a lot of couples who are seeking to not have a baby even if they really want to have.

It is important to have a specific age gap between your children, so you must be clear about the age gap which you would want between your children. You must understand that it takes time to conceive.

You may think why you are not getting pregnant but you must understand that you must at least wait for a year, before you want to actually get pregnant because it takes time. It may take up to two years for some couples to get pregnant.

If you and your partner have been trying for a year or two to get pregnant without using any kind of contraception and you still are not pregnant, then may be its time to see your general practitioner for an infertility treatment procedure.

If you are older and there’s something that’s affecting your health, then you must head for an early treatment and for this secondary infertility treatment is very important. In this case you must visit your GP at some of the best infertility clinics in Delhi, sooner than before.

Miracles, one of the best infertility clinics in Delhi help you to conceive hope in your womb in the form of your baby. Don’t lose hope; give this treatment an opportunity to give you a chance of experiencing motherhood.

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