What is Smartphone Android and Why it is so Popular?

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The large number of smartphones for sale makes us marvel at modern technology and the impact it has on your lives. Mobile phones earlier were merely devices which were meant to talk long distance and at the most send text messages. However, slowly innovations were being added to this simple and basic device giving birth to what we now know as the smartphone. This phone is smart because it can do much more than a regular phone can. More and more people are buying these smart devices and getting completely hooked to them. They just can’t do without their smartphones and actually keep them next to the bed on the side table even while sleeping.

The main and most important feature of the smartphone Android is the internet connection. Most smartphones have a reliable and strong internet connection which makes it possible for you to remain connected to the rest of the world even when you are on the move. It is a great device that makes information access a piece of cake. Not only information access but also access to your friends through social media platforms is possible. Most smartphones prefer to use Android as the OS as Windows OS requires more computing power and that would be a waste of the ability of the smartphone. Android launched by Google has become as popular as the smartphones themselves.

When you are shopping for smartphones for sale make it a point to buy one with a powerful processor like dual core. This will make the computing powers of the smartphone faster. This will ensure that you get the best experience while playing games on the smartphone or simply looking at your favorite pictures stored in it. Also make sure that the camera on the smartphone is a high resolution one. It is very easy to find smartphones that have 8.0 MP or higher resolution cameras. Some smartphones also have a camera each on the front and back enhancing your photography experience.

Most smartphones have Bluetooth and wifi along with internet connectivity. They have a large storage memory with excellent RAM which makes it possible to store all your favorite pictures and music which you can enjoy while on the go. Usually smartphones are touchscreen because this method provides better functionality, but it is also possible to find smartphones with directional keys. The screen should be large and a high definition one to give you a good user experience. All in all smartphone Android is a great device to make your life more interesting and convenient.

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