What causes Eyelash Fall out and how to treat it?

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Thicker lashes augment the beauty of eyes. Several products are available in the market to make eyelashes picture perfect however these stuff also comes with a set of side issues. Home remedies are good and these are generally free of side effects. However one must have enough patience to get the results. If you wish to get thicker lashes within matter of minutes then you can use fake eyelash extension. It is available in beauty product shop at affordable pricing. Applying mascara also helps. It is a beauty product that is applied with a brush provided with it. A black color fluid is applied on the eyelashes to make them look thicker and fuller. Bimatoprost solution for eyelash growth also helps in giving thicker and longer lashes.

It is beneficial to know what causes eyelash fall out. When you know the reasons behind it, you can either prevent it or find a better option to treat the same. Old age brings lot of changes in the body. This definitely affects the hair growth too. Apart from it, eyelid infection is also one of the factors that cause falling of lashes. However this can be treated by curing the infection first. As it gets cleared off, lashes starts to re-grow. Eye cosmetics of poor quality or improper removal of eye makeup leads to allergic reactions that include stunted growth of lashes. Thus use best quality makeup for eyes and make sure that you have removed all make up without leaving traces of it. Unhealthy diet is related to malnutrition. Thus you must eat healthy food so that you can get all nutrients essential for healthy eyelash growth.

Eyelash fall out can be repaired by treating the ailment that causing this situation. In most of the cases, the cause is not clear making it quite difficult to treat the condition. However one can apply ophthalmic solution bimatoprost at the base of the eyelash to make them thicker and longer. This solution is available at various pharmacies and also at online drug stores. It is very easy to apply the serum. Clean your hands before touching it to avoid any possible contamination. Use applicator catered with the bottle. Do not apply the serum with cotton balls. Use this product until you get the desired results. Once you get the required fullerenes in lashes, stop using the solution.

There are ways to create illusion of thicker lashes with the help of the beauty products. Eyeliner, mascara and eyelash curler are three important products you need. Firstly define your eyes with eyeliner. If you are not used to it or do not know how to put it on then simply get help from someone who knows. After this, apply three to four coats of mascara. Hold the brush in horizontal manner and apply it from root to tip that is in vertical position. Now take the eyelash curler and curl the lashes. This look awesome. You can use these products until you get thicker lashes with bimatoprost eyelash growth serum.

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