What are the Benefits of 1-800 Numbers?

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Author: James Allen

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With the liberalization of the economy, competition is getting stiffer and business enterprises are constantly looking for new strategies to enlarge their customer base and improve their sales. One of the important measures necessary for developing your business is to put in place a customer-friendly communication system.

Thanks to the many innovations in the telecom sector, you can make it easy for your customers to reach you if you provide a 1 800 phone number for your business. A 1 800 phone number any other similar toll-free number has several benefits for businesses of all sizes.

The 1 800 number allows your customers regardless of their location and the type of phone - to call you without having to pay the telephone call charges. It is the called party that pays the per call charges.

There is today a steep demand for toll free number amongst the business community as they have found a toll free number to be a highly rewarding and at the same time cost-effective marketing tool. Business enterprises that mentioned 1 800 number in trade advertisements received forty percent more responses than the ones that did not.

There is a natural tendency amongst people to avail whatever is available free and this presumably is the reason that customers started readily contacting business houses that offered a toll free number. As more and more prospective customers started contacting, it enabled business to enlarge their customer-base and boost their sales.

Even existing customers made more calls to the business that provided 1 800 number and this helped build better customer rapport and improved CRM (Customer Relations Management).

As the demand for toll free numbers increasing by the day, businesses are opting for vanity numbers that spelled keywords and made it easier for customers to remember.

The 1 800 phone number is the pioneer among the toll-free prefixes. Due to the surging popularity of toll free number, additional prefixes had to be introduced. FCC has successively introduced prefixes 888, 877, 866 855 and the demand for toll free numbers has still not abated.

There can be no doubt that providing a 1 800 phone number for your customers serves as a huge incentive for them to call you. This is even more effective when you have clients outside your local area. Purchasing a 1 800 phone number is like offering a gift to your customers and prospective clients.

As toll free numbers are rampantly used by business organizations, customers legitimately expect your business also to have one. If your business is without a toll free phone facility, please know hat you are losing sales heavily to your competitors. Customers are no longer interested in contacting businesses that lack a toll free number.

Having a 1 800 phone number is also immensely useful if you have a lot of employees working in the field. Toll free number can increase their productivity because calling the office is free of costs. 1 800 toll free numbers provide portability, scalability, a more professional company image and strengthen your marketing efforts.

Interestingly, today many businesses are using more than one 1 800 phone number. Having multiple toll free numbers contribute to more aggressive marketing as also data-gathering practices.

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