What Is The Best Medication For Arthritis Pain And Inflammation

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Author: Peter Naruka

Peter Naruka

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It requires regular and effective treatment to prevent disability and keep its symptoms under control. Alternative remedies are considered as best treatment because these do not cast any side effects and are effective in relieving symptoms and stopping progression of the disease. But every remedy does not work for everyone, one has to try and find out which is the one that works as the best alternate medicine for arthritis pain in his or her case.

Essential oil of ginger has been used by many for relieving pain and stiffness in joints caused by arthritis. Regular massages with this oil relieves pain, promotes movement and diffuse inflammation. Alfalfa is also reckoned as the best alternate medicine for arthritis pain and inflammation. Tea prepared by boiling one pound of this herb's root with a quart of water for thirty minutes, later consumed in three doses after straining and cooling, alleviates pain inflammation and stiffness in the joints. Simmer one teaspoon of black cohosh roots in a cup of boiling water for twenty minutes, later consume the water after straining the mixture in two doses. Repeat it everyday for three weeks, many people have found this as the best alternate medicine for arthritis pain and inflammation.

Epsom salt also work as potent alternate medicine for relieving pain and inflammation, tub bath for thirty minutes after mixing two cups of this salt in tub full of warm water provides relief from pain and inflammation and works as effective remedy during acute arthritis attack. All of these remedies are safe and do not cast any side effects but no two individuals are alike hence for some these may work but for other may not. The best alternate medicine for arthritis pain which assures guaranteed results is the one which can deliver benefits of all the effective herbs with every dose.

Rumatone gold capsules contain broad spectrum of highly effective herbs and treat the problem internally to provide immediate and long-lasting relief from the problem. These capsules nourish and repair damaged cartilages to allow painless and smooth joint movement; these nourish and strengthen ligaments for curing joint lethargy and maintaining its proper alignment; energize muscles to prevent muscular cramps, sprains and pulls; and also enhance immunity system to fight back infections in the joints. These capsules supplement anti-oxidants to inhibit activity of free-radicals and stop process of joint ageing; strong anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties of these capsules provide quick relief from pain and inflammation.

Rumatone gold oil is also prepared by using herbs which can breakthrough skin barrier and reach deep to provide deep layer massage. Massage with this oil nourish all the organs of the joint and strengthen it and provide immediate relief from pain and swelling. When used in combination these products work as the best alternate medicine for arthritis pain and inflammation which can benefit every individual of any age and gender. These do not cast any side effects and work well against all types of arthritis.

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