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Author: Adam Smith

Log homes induce rustic settings of mountains, where family and friends gather together and relax. Log homes is not a new or innovative pattern of building homes, rather they were discovered long back. With the changing living standard of a person, few changes have been brought in this traditional type of home. Log Home Plans in Knoxville, TN, comes in 3 basic styles. You can include the luxurious items in a log home, as per your requirement and most importantly as per your budget.

Like other home kits, the Log Home Kit in Knoxville, TN generally cost you less if you are going to construct it. Few persons who own a log home build their home themselves with their own idea while some follow the Log Home Plans in Knoxville, TN for building a log home.

There are three different types of log homes – Milled, Handcrafted and Timber –framed log homes. You cannot conclude that this type of log home is better or the other one, because each home offers distinct features that will make the home appealing for the person residing in it.

For constructing milled log-homes machines (like profilers, planers and lathes) are used. This home comes in kits and the kit may comprise of either the entire home or only the walls. Milled homes are smooth and uniform and the parts are assembled on the site. The manufacturers, manufacturing milled home kits produce a number of kits each year, as the whole process is carried by machines. The most significant fact about milled log-homes is that real logs are not used as raw material.

Opposite to this, log homes crafted by hand give more traditional and authentic feeling. Experienced smiths create it by using the techniques that were used several years before. Though the flooring and the finishing touch of the home is not as smooth as that of milled log-homes, but it offers the same degree of satisfaction that one log home should give. Hand axes, log scribes, wood chisels, chain saws and drawknives are some primary tools that are used by a log smith.

Timber framed log homes are built by using a beam and post construction. The exteriors and interiors of these homes are generally flat. The frame holds the entire home's structural weight. These homes are generally big and have an open area and many rooms.

Whatever type of log home it is, the essential thing is that log home plans and log home kits play a vital role in constructing it.

The author has described that how important are Log Home Plans Knoxville TN and Log Home Kit Knoxville TN for constructing log homes in his many articles. For more information please visit http://www.customtimberloghomes.com

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