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The basement is probably the room of the house we spend less time in. In fact, it is usually visited a few times per year when we need to store items we do not plan to use on a regular basis or when we need to put some order in it. However, we should definitely make it a habit to visit it more often as we may discover water in the basement and this can lead to serious foundation problems.

Basements are usually dark, cool and humid places and they are definitely uninviting. However, homeowners should spend more time in it in order to check it for foundation problems.

There are many ways in which water can appear in your basement. Let’s just explore the most common ones:

Make sure that the frame from any window you may have in your basement does not have any crack and that the window opens and closes without any problem. Cracks may make it easier for rainfall or water from the surrounding grounds to filter into your basement and swollen window frames are also an indication of excessive humidity.Touch the walls of your basement and make sure they are dry. If you feel them wet, you may have some piping problem.Talking about pipes, make sure the pipes in your basement are not leaking. Even tiny leaks can cause severe damage in your home foundation if left unattended. This is why many people opts to invest in a moisture sensor in order to allow them monitor the levels of humidity in the basement.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent water in the basement from causing foundation damage. Amongst the strategies you can put into practice we can mention:

Call a plumber to fix any plumbing issue as soon as you discover it. It will be easier to repair them and definitely less expensive.Invest in a moisture sensor to monitor closely the levels of humidity in the room.Check the drains around the house and make sure that they are not leaking water into the house.Remove trees and shrubs from the close surroundings of the house. Their roots may filter to your basement, allowing water to get into the room.

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