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Tablets have smartly taken the place of iPads due to its portability feature and it is easy to use. If you want that you can do internet whenever you want, then neither you can carry the computer along with you nor you can hold those large iPads all the time in your hand. You need something that has dual function i.e. can be used as a computer as well as can be used as a mobile phone. Tablets are the best substitute that fulfills the function of both. Briefly, a tablet is the best alternative for both a computer and an iPad.

If you are about to purchase a new tablet then you should see that your table has all those features than an idea and the best android tablet should have. Take the example of Videocon Tablet. It is one of the best tablets. Before selecting a tablet you should make it clear that it can fulfill all your needs.

Processor – It is one of the most vital features that should not be ignored. Suppose if you are buying a tablet to play games, then high speed is must. You will get irritated if the game slows down in between. Processor that is slow can ruin your game. Thus the processor should be fast enough so that the speed remains even. Another function of the processor is that it enables high-end applications run smoothly.

Display and touch screen – After the processor, second essential feature that should be considered is its display. The display should be big enough so that you can enjoy your game, watch video and images on large screen. Touch screen comes in 2 types in Android Tablets. The one which can be operated with bare figure and the other which comes along with a pen type small stick.

Voice calls- Some tablets are meant only to play games, no phone can be made or received through it. If you are buying a Tablet to solve the purpose of both the computer and phone, then opt for voice call Android Tablets.

Wi-Fi- Wi-Fi connection should be there in the Tablet. This feature should have the capacity of acquiring high Wi-Fi signals.

Battery Life- You are about to finish a game or any work and by that time the battery dies. At that you may be cursing yourself, why you have not selected long battery backup tablet. Consider the battery life too.

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