Understanding the Importance of Misting Fans

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If you have been to a restaurant or ever attended a large outdoor event, you must have seen the mist fans in use. Misting systems are also used in shopping malls or other similar place to chill out the zone. They have the capability to make the air cooler thus change the entire atmosphere. They are designed to bring down the temperature within seconds of operation. People are now realizing the utility of mist products and are making use of them for commercial, agricultural and residential cooling. They are effective means of water-cooling, useful for hotels, shopping malls, sport places, houses, schools, manufacturing industries, warehouses, greenhouses and many other places where temperature is hot.

Misting fans are benefiting masses everywhere. If a cooling system is used in a closed environment like the green house, it cools the whole area and provides high degree of humidity for the plants. If you own hotel, you can take the advantage of mist fans to change temperature out there and make the ambience pleasant for your customers. The mist devices can be utilized even in some specialty stores for keeping the offering or products fresh for the buyers. Businesses use them to offer greater shopping experience for outdoor product stands with air-conditioning effects. They are much more in use in houses where families require changing the hot and humid temperature to make these places comfortable.

Misting fans work like an air conditioner by circulating the cooler air around the whole room or area. This is why most of the businesses take the help of these fans to cool the office and thus enhance the productivity of their employees. The whole process begins with water. Then, water pressure is created to reach a rating of 1000 PSI by using special high-pressure mist pumps. The water is pushed out through fine nozzle openings in the pump. These water droplets create a fine thin mist that evaporates immediately, as it meets warm air and heat. This process causes the temperature to drop drastically. Most of the mist systems work in the similar manner, though there are some, which may be different.

Misting fans are very hygienic, because the water that drops out of the fans is filtered for impurities before entering the nozzles. The total amount of water used is generally upto 3.8 to 7.6 liters per hour. Mist systems are available in both smaller and larger units depending on your budget and need. Most people prefer smaller units for household use. Those who are interested in working outdoor, especially in backyards or garages can look out for fans most useful during hot and humid summer. To know more about misting systems, you can visit internet and find out deals and offers on these products.

Alina Cruz offers expert advice on systems and mist pumps. She has written many articles on mist fans and several other water-cooling systems on the market.

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